Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Maxwell’s Baptism

We had Maxwell baptized in Lexington, Kentucky with our good friends, the Mitchells. Presley, our 10month old Goddaughter was being baptized the same weekend and Matthew and Jenna are the Godparents to Maxwell so a double baptism was perfect. We were able to spend the weekend together that included lots of pool time, food and good times. Their oldest daughter, Saylor, is a few months younger than John Thomas and they had the best time together! I loved watching them!!

Sweet little boy having a good nap


John Thomas and Presley


The big kids, watching Frozen and eating popcorn


  Ice cream and kisses049

Maxwell gets kisses too


Maxwell’s Baptism

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How sweet are these two?!


My Goddaughters, Saylor and Presley


My big boy


I love this picture! John Thomas kissing baby brother


A great weekend with lots of memories made!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Cousin Fun

My sisters and nephews came to spend a few days with us while my husband was traveling. I loved having them here. It really made me wish we lived closer together, especially for the boys. We probably only see each other twice a year but John Thomas adores his cousins (and I know Maxwell will also).  We had fun activities planned while they were here but I was surprised how long it took it to get ready to go anywhere! We all had a great time until I came down with mastitis at the end of the week. Between my working out and trying to keep up with everyone I overdid it and paid for it!! I am so thankful my sisters were still here one day so they could entertain John Thomas while I nursed and slept all day!

Some fun from their trip

Gavin bowling, when did he get so big?!


John Thomas and Seth’s first time bowling



102 104

Train Ride


   Cincinnati Aquarium

118 123 125

After a full day of shopping and the aquarium, we were all relieved when this finally happened on the ride home:)

129 130 132


Sweet boys, so thankful for our time together