Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Healthy Recipes

I tried two new healthy recipes this weekend. 

Cauliflower Pizza Crust
This entire pizza has around 430 calories! I ate half of it and I was full.  But if you are really hungry you can eat the entire pizza without feeling guilty! Best tip - make your crust thin. It is crispy more like a dough crust. I left mine too thick in the middle and it was more like cauliflower but still good.
Here's the link to the pizza. Enjoy!

Protein Pancakes

My pancakes had under 200 calories for three pancakes! Calories will vary depending on the type of protein powder you use. I am going to try a different powder next time. Mine were a little dry but filling for under 200 calories! I will make them again (probably this week :) 
They were both actually pretty good! I will definitely make them both again.
Here's the link. Enjoy!

I also had a 13 mile training run. I averaged a 9:20 pace. I would have loved a 9 pace but winds were 15+ miles per hour. Will you really ever get perfect weather?! This weekend is a shorter run.

Have a good week.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

First Birthday!

WOW! I can not believe how much life can change in one year.
January 24, 2011 5:30pm - After 15.5 hours of labor, two epidurals that did not take John Thomas made his grand appearance in this world. We were living a Fayetteville, AR.
January 24, 2012 5:30pm - John Thomas is busy playing with his friends in the play care at the the gym and eating popcorn while I am finishing teaching a Body Pump class. We are now living in Centerville, OH.
Life has changed SO much and I love it!!! We have a completely healthy boy who loves his mommy and daddy and is growing from a baby to a toddler more and more everyday. John Thomas loves crawling around the house trying to see what he can get into next. He has recently found the toilet and toilet paper. He can wave, blow kisses, clap and loves to talk. He has the perfect little smile that fills my heart with joy. 
Tommy walked in his room the other day while I was holding him and as clear as day he turned around and said "Hi Daddy" Tommy and I both were completely shocked! My nephew was here for a couple days and he was running around and John Thomas said "Gavin" as clear as he could! His other words right now are mamamama, dadadada, needy (Kennedy) and done (when he finishes eating). It is so amazing to watch him grow and change. I feel beyond blessed to be his mother. So thankful!!!
on to the big party..........

12 Months of JT banner

 Birthday Cake - it was cupcakes.
So cute and so good!

All of our "dog" food

I did not get a picture of the pizza but I found a large dog bone cookie cutter and cut all the pizza in dog bone shape. 

The kids made dog ears to wear.

Birthday Boy!

I think his party was a success!

My dad, step mother and Gavin surprised us by driving from Alabama to celebrate his birthday with us! We had a great time but i did not take one picture :(

I am really looking forward to watching my little man grow and change over the next year.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Big Weekend!

 What a great busy weekend! 

Saturday my husband had a basketball game against their big rival, Xavier. 

Dayton has great fan support! Over 13,400 fans were at the game. It was the Flyers 100th sold out game and what a big win to celebrate. Dayton is first place in the A-10 Division. 

Last year my nephew, Gavin, came to watch one of Uncle Tommy's games. After the game I asked Gavin if he told Uncle Tommy congratulations on the win. Gavin said "Aunt Lisa, he didn't do anything! He didn't touch the ball or even blow the whistle" 
So funny! One day he will understand what a coach does, until then he can watch Uncle Tommy "just sit on the bench"
 My favorite little boys, JT and Gavin

Sunday morning I went out for my first long run. I was going to run Saturday morning but Friday night we got freezing rain and snow. I decided not to run when I watched the neighborhood kids ice skating in the driveways and on the road Saturday morning! So Sunday morning I went out for an 11mile run. My pace was a lot slower than I would have liked but I think I did well considering the conditions. I ran in the ice/snow covered grass beside the ice covered sidewalks. I found a couple neighborhoods that people had driven through enough that I could run through the slush in the middle of the road. Not to mention it was freezing and misting most of the run!

Temperature when I finished.
My pace averaged around 9:30 but I am sure it will be better when the roads are clear.
Proud of myself for getting in a long run in not perfect conditions :)
I celebrated with pizza, cake and ice cream! 

JT's first birthday party was Sunday afternoon!!!
JT's first birthday cake.
Full birthday post tomorrow - with overload of pictures :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Growing Boy

 John Thomas driving his first car :)
It is amazing how fast he is growing and changing.

 He loves drinking water out of a water bottle, cup or basically whatever I am drinking.

 Feeding Kennedy

They do not understand the concept of eating alone. When John Thomas is in his highchair Kennedy stays as close as she can. The only plus is it makes an easy clean up for me but half the time John Thomas would rather give his food to Kennedy than actually eat it. When John Thomas hears Kennedy eating he crawls as fast as his little body will go to her food bowl to make sure he "helps" feeding her by either handing it to her, throwing her food across the floor or putting it in her water bowl. I then get to clean up after they finish.


John Thomas has mastered climbing. He climbs on everything. He loves going up the stairs (I stay close behind) This morning he decided he wanted to see outside, so he did. He climbed on the suitcase and opened the blinds. 

I have been taking John Thomas to childcare (at the gym) for months now. Usually when I would go to get him Mrs. Rhonda would have JT on her hip just carrying him around with her. Yesterday I walk in to get him and I see Mrs Rhonda carrying around another baby while my baby is standing at the table with all the older kids watching them play their video games. He looked so big!!! What happened to my little baby?!?! It is unbelievable to me how fast he is growing!


Monday, January 16, 2012

Sun and Snow

Last week started off so nice and sunny.... 
for a winter day in Ohio

My running buddies

The last time I ran with JT was in September, he did not weigh 23lbs in September. It was a nice wake up call from running on a treadmill to going outside pushing a jogging stroller. I hope there are more nice days so I can continue to run with him. 

 Then came the snow
JT looking at the snow. 
I have decided until he is old enough to ask to go outside and play in the snow we will both be happiest just looking at the snow. But then be guilt started coming over me and I opened the door and let him touch the snow. Good enough, right?

Anyway he's already been in the snow once.
JT 2weeks old
The week after JT was born we got 16inches of snow. 

Thanks to pinterest I now believe I am a photographer

and crafty!

If you are not on pinterest already I highly recommend it! You can find so many neat ideas!

Hope everyone has a great week!

One last picture

JT finding "rainbows"

Friday, January 13, 2012


I love breakfast. Every single morning. I was talking to my best friend the other day and she said she couldn't remember the last time she had breakfast - I can't remember the last time I did NOT have breakfast! Coffee then protein shake almost every morning.  My health club in Arkansas made a shake, No Bake Cookie, that I loved. So I recreated it.

1scoop of protein
1/4 cup of oatmeal
1 cup almond milk (you can use regular milk or water)
1tablespoon almond butter ( you can use peanut butter)
1/2 tablespoon cocoa powder
1 tablespoon chia seeds
Blend very well and enjoy!

Ninja blender, oats, almond breeze, cocoa,
 almond butter (clear container on bottom) chai seeds (clear container on top)

This shake has around 300 calories and is high in protein and fiber. The combination of the high protein, fiber, complex carbs and omega 3's will keep you full! Plus who doesn't want to start the day with a chocolate shake?!? (other then my husband, I don't understand)

The secret ingredient? CHIA SEEDS! I love them. Check out the benefits.


Chia seeds can purchased at any health food store or nicer grocery store (whole foods, trader joes, earth fare, etc)

Hope everyone has a great Friday and it's not as cold where you are as where I am! With windchill -3 this morning!! Brrr

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Favorite Boys

Here area few pictures of my favorite boys.......

This picture was taken at our house in Fayetteville, AR before moving to Ohio
We all loved this house! and the neighborhood!
 Tommy, my husband
Little Tommy, my step-son
John Thomas, my son
Kennedy, our sweet dog

 This picture was taken Christmas Eve night. John Thomas was not happy with us by this time, it was past his bedtime. He was asleep right after this picture.... he needed to catch a short nap so he could stay awake most of the night, I assume he was looking for Santa Claus. 

I have called Tommy, my step-son, Little Tommy, for years now. However, I feel silly calling him Little Tommy when he towers over me! What is really cute - my little nephew, Gavin, who just turned 5 calls him Little Tommy :)

Sweet Brothers!

I am a blessed girl to have so many wonderful, handsome, loving men in my life.

PS - Little Tommy scored 10 points in his Varsity Basketball game earlier this week. 
Yay Tommy!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Day One

My new blog..... one of my New Years resolutions :)
I have decided to write a blog share pictures and stories of my sweet boy, John Thomas, brag on my husband, Tommy, and share my journey through training for a marathon along with helpful workout tips and recipes.

So I have decided to run the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon! I have mixed feelings about this marathon. All the reviews talk about how hilly the course is (Big Con) but my husband will be able to watch me run (Pro) My one and only previous marathon was a hilly course. The shirts said "what hills" so I was hoping to find a flatter course but oh well. Just train harder :) Week one long run will be 10miles on Saturday
Today is the first training day. Over the next 18 weeks I am hoping to eat mostly whole foods to help with fuel and recovery and drop around 5lbs to help increase my speed.
Biggest Challenge? Training for a marathon with a almost one year old baby. Living away from family and having a husband who works on average 7days a week and very long hours some runs maybe challenging. Not looking forward to clocking 10+ on a treadmill!
On another note I am very excited to be planning my little mans first birthday party! One year old! How has it already been a year?! John Thomas is definitely the highlight of my little life. How can one person change you so much?? We are having a puppy dog party. His favorite thing in the whole world is our sweet dog Kennedy. His favorite activity is crawling to her to pull her hair out......poor Kennedy and his favorite toy is her food and water bowl. So what better theme? I do wish our families could be here to celebrate but I will make sure to document well for everyone :)
My husbands basketball team won a huge game this weekend. We are 2-0 in conference play. Hopefully we will continue with our winning streak! Go Flyers!