Thursday, January 12, 2012

Favorite Boys

Here area few pictures of my favorite boys.......

This picture was taken at our house in Fayetteville, AR before moving to Ohio
We all loved this house! and the neighborhood!
 Tommy, my husband
Little Tommy, my step-son
John Thomas, my son
Kennedy, our sweet dog

 This picture was taken Christmas Eve night. John Thomas was not happy with us by this time, it was past his bedtime. He was asleep right after this picture.... he needed to catch a short nap so he could stay awake most of the night, I assume he was looking for Santa Claus. 

I have called Tommy, my step-son, Little Tommy, for years now. However, I feel silly calling him Little Tommy when he towers over me! What is really cute - my little nephew, Gavin, who just turned 5 calls him Little Tommy :)

Sweet Brothers!

I am a blessed girl to have so many wonderful, handsome, loving men in my life.

PS - Little Tommy scored 10 points in his Varsity Basketball game earlier this week. 
Yay Tommy!

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