Monday, January 23, 2012

Big Weekend!

 What a great busy weekend! 

Saturday my husband had a basketball game against their big rival, Xavier. 

Dayton has great fan support! Over 13,400 fans were at the game. It was the Flyers 100th sold out game and what a big win to celebrate. Dayton is first place in the A-10 Division. 

Last year my nephew, Gavin, came to watch one of Uncle Tommy's games. After the game I asked Gavin if he told Uncle Tommy congratulations on the win. Gavin said "Aunt Lisa, he didn't do anything! He didn't touch the ball or even blow the whistle" 
So funny! One day he will understand what a coach does, until then he can watch Uncle Tommy "just sit on the bench"
 My favorite little boys, JT and Gavin

Sunday morning I went out for my first long run. I was going to run Saturday morning but Friday night we got freezing rain and snow. I decided not to run when I watched the neighborhood kids ice skating in the driveways and on the road Saturday morning! So Sunday morning I went out for an 11mile run. My pace was a lot slower than I would have liked but I think I did well considering the conditions. I ran in the ice/snow covered grass beside the ice covered sidewalks. I found a couple neighborhoods that people had driven through enough that I could run through the slush in the middle of the road. Not to mention it was freezing and misting most of the run!

Temperature when I finished.
My pace averaged around 9:30 but I am sure it will be better when the roads are clear.
Proud of myself for getting in a long run in not perfect conditions :)
I celebrated with pizza, cake and ice cream! 

JT's first birthday party was Sunday afternoon!!!
JT's first birthday cake.
Full birthday post tomorrow - with overload of pictures :)

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