Friday, February 21, 2014

Valentine’s and more

Valentine’s is a day to spend with those you love, so John Thomas and I spent the day together:) I so wish I could have spent time with Tommy too but he was out of town all weekend. Hoping we get a delayed Valentines date before season is over!

Our pre- Valentine’s date at Daddy's basketball game

John Thomas’ wearing his pilot hat like Rudy (our mascot) wears. Baby bump is growing!


JT and Rudy after our win.004 007

Valentines for his school party


Then we enjoyed our Valentine celebration………

Leap Frogs with his buddy, Cole

011 012

then Mexican food and Cupcakes with Mommy. 

017 020

We camped out inside the rest of the night and watch 4 more inches of snow fall on top of the 6 we got earlier this week. (and the 2-3 that was already there) so so ready for warmer weather!!

John Thomas was out of school Monday for President’s Day so we went with some friends to the Cincinnati Aquarium. We all had such a good time!

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It’s a ……….



921 922 923

This post is behind since we found out about a month ago we were having a boy but I was going to see my family a couple weekends ago and tell them in person so we weren’t telling anyone. Unfortunately, after waiting at the airport for a couple hours my flight was cancelled and they were not able to get me out until the next day (Saturday) around noon and my flight back was Sunday at 10am so I missed my girls weekend (and first time leaving flying/leaving JT) I was so sad. Anyway I told them over the phone.

My Tuesday group fitness class dressed up to guess what I was having…

001 002

haha not many blue shirts :)

I am so excited about having boys, watching brothers grow up together, spend my weekends at the baseball field (or wherever they chose) We are blessed.

No doubt, it’s a boy! Spread eagle so it made it easy for us:)

024 025 026

Friday, February 7, 2014

John Thomas’ 3 year old pictures

I combined JTs three year old pictures with a couple of maternity pictures and pictures with Kennedy. Kennedy is 11 years old and I want to have pictures of him to remember her by. He absolutely loves Kennedy! She sleeps in his room at naptime and during the night. We usually let her out before we go to bed and he will tell me as soon as he wakes up “ I don’t want you to let Kennedy out of my room” it’s so sweet. He also loves giving her hugs and treats. If he is outside he wants her outside with them. Sweet memories.

I am so pleased with these pictures! John Thomas was by no means an easy subject, he was more interested in running, not looking at the camera and more running.

JSP_2161 (1)


JSP_2104-1 JSP_2132-1 JSP_2143-1 JSP_2148-1 JSP_2155-1 JSP_2182-1 JSP_2190-1 JSP_2238-1 JSP_2266-1 JSP_2276-1 JSP_2293-1

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

JTs birthday party!

We had john Thomas’ birthday party at Kids are Tops. He took the Tumble Bunny class at Kids are Tops last year and loved it. The party was a huge success! He had 8 friends there that got to run around and be kids. This winter has been rally tough, weather wise, so i think all the parents loved an afternoon of the kids out of the house burning off energy too.

The only thing JT asked for – a dinosaur cake. We paid for the center to take care of everything but had to call and cancel the cake because anytime I would ask JT what he wanted for his birthday his only response was a dinosaur cake. This cake was amazing! I also believe it was the reason my dr mentioned my weight gain since my previous appointment ;) I ate it all week, so good!


Birthday Boy!


Play Time

938 939 943 945 947 951 953

After the kids we played we moved to pizza, cake and ice cream

957 969 971 975


985 988 990 991 993 998 1001

Dinosaur cookies for all our friends

956 1003

Perfect birthday celebration for our 3 year old

961 964