Friday, February 7, 2014

John Thomas’ 3 year old pictures

I combined JTs three year old pictures with a couple of maternity pictures and pictures with Kennedy. Kennedy is 11 years old and I want to have pictures of him to remember her by. He absolutely loves Kennedy! She sleeps in his room at naptime and during the night. We usually let her out before we go to bed and he will tell me as soon as he wakes up “ I don’t want you to let Kennedy out of my room” it’s so sweet. He also loves giving her hugs and treats. If he is outside he wants her outside with them. Sweet memories.

I am so pleased with these pictures! John Thomas was by no means an easy subject, he was more interested in running, not looking at the camera and more running.

JSP_2161 (1)


JSP_2104-1 JSP_2132-1 JSP_2143-1 JSP_2148-1 JSP_2155-1 JSP_2182-1 JSP_2190-1 JSP_2238-1 JSP_2266-1 JSP_2276-1 JSP_2293-1

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