Sunday, October 12, 2014

Four Months


I can’t believe Maxwell is already 4 months old! He’s definitely not my little newborn baby anymore.  At his 4 month check up he weighed 17.9ounces (in the 80%) and was 27 inches long (well above the 100%) I find it so interesting because John Thomas was always around the 50% in both areas. I nursed John Thomas and am nursing Maxwell but they are growing so differently. It amazes me how God designs the body.

Maxwell developed reflux a week or so before he turned 4 months old. Tommy was gone the week it really got back (him refusing to nurse, projectile spit up, not sleeping etc) which made it a really tough week.  Thankfully he is on medicine now so he is nursing again and his sleeping is getting better. He started rice cereal last week which I was praying would help with his sleep but he is still waking up every 2-3.5 hours. I am praying he starts sleeping better soon!!

Maxwell is a happy baby. He always wakes up happy! (another thing different from John Thomas) He loves to be held but likes his bouncy seat too. He smiles all the time and in the past two weeks has started laughing more and more. He started rolling over around 3 months and has great head control. Tummy time doesn’t really bother him.  He loves to hear his name, play with his feet and suck his two middle fingers. Tommy doesn’t like pacifiers and didn’t want any of his boys to have one so Maxwell has resorted to his two middle fingers. I sucked my two middle fingers forever too and for some reason it makes me extremely proud he does too :) 

John Thomas is amazing with Maxwell! So so sweet. He always kisses him, tells him he loves him and plays with him. It makes me so happy. John Thomas has asked several times if Maxwell can go to school with him . So sweet.  I love seeing their relationship develop. My sisters are a huge part of my life and we are very close, I pray the same for my boys. I feel very blessed and love being a boys mom!


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