Sunday, April 29, 2012

One week countdown

Hopefully by this time next week I will be celebrating finishing my second full marathon with a PR. I think the week before the marathon is the toughest. You have done all your training now you just have to wait.......... torture! I have a few small runs this week but nothing big so I also will have a lot of free time :)
I am very thankful I have been able to do the training for this marathon. Sometimes you have to find something that is just for you! It may sound selfish but sometimes I need alone time. Maybe it is on a treadmill or running in the snow, 20mph winds, pushing a baby, listening to loud music on my Ipod, listening to a Beth Moore study or Jillian Michaels podcast but for whatever time my feet are moving it is my time. I can think, sing, pray whatever I need to do at that time. I like to dedicate certain miles or runs to people close to me. When the hill is tough or legs are tired I think of this person and pray for them, asking God to get bless their life and help me to finish this hill :) It's amazing how much it helps me. I also think of people in wheelchairs, hospital beds, etc that would do anything to be able to run. It pushes me to keep putting one foot in front of the other and counting my blessing.
Living in Ohio with no family or close friends to help with John Thomas and my husband constantly traveling with work I am proud I was able to train for a marathon. I probably ran more miles on a treadmill than you should in marathon training and did not do enough hill training because I had to stay as close to the house as possible but either way I did complete one 19 mile and two 20 mile runs. A total of 514miles as of today!! Plus teaching 5 group fitness classes a week :) My weight is pretty much the same as when I started but my body fat is 14.7 % which makes me very happy!
I am excited that Tommy will be able to watch this marathon and I will have my biggest fan, JT, there! Praying for a uneventful, restful week and great weather next Sunday!

People I will pray for and give thanks for during my run
0-6.5 - Gavin, my nephew and my new niece or nephew that is due May 15
6.5-13 - a dear friend battling breast cancer
13-19 - Tommy, my stepson, and John Thomas
19-26.2 - Tommy, my husband

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Yesterday I was going through all of JTs newborn clothes to mail to my sister.
 (Leigh Anne is 37 weeks pregnant and we do not know if she is having a boy or a girl. I can not wait for the baby to be here! As soon as she goes in to labor I am going to buy the first ticket I can to Alabama! I am so excited to hold a little newborn and to be able to help with the baby and Gavin.)

John Thomas newborn

 A big baby yawn. So cute! Look how loose the PJs are on him.

John Thomas 15months old
My big baby! I can not believe how big he is!!!
 FYI - the reason they are laying on his back because I could not get him to stay still long enough any other way to get a picture :)

I am off for my last long run (only 8 miles) before the marathon today. Yay! Unfortunalty it has to be on the treadmill since it is raining and cold and Tommy is out of town. Then we are meeting some friends at the circus! JTs first circus!

Friday, April 27, 2012


JT celebrated his 15month old birthday by painting his first picture

He was in the gym childcare and Mrs. Rhonda told me the older kids were painting and JT was so involved watching them she let him try. Every time she helped him put the brush in the paint he would start laughing. Then he took over and got his own piece of paper. I was trying to sneak in and get a picture without him seeing me because I knew as soon as he saw me he would stop what he was doing and come to me as fast as he could. Wrong! He looked up, saw me and went back to work :)

Pure talent ;)

Just another reminder he's not a baby anymore. I miss my little baby but it is amazing to watch him grow, discover the world around him and his personality grow.

He also is using a spoon to feed himself.

Eating cottage cheese.

And I believe this is a personality trait from Dad. He has to put everything up. If some of Kennedy's dog food gets out of her bowl he will pick up piece by piece crawl as fast as he can around the table to drop it in the ac vent. He also loves putting everything in the garbage, toilet, entertainment center, dog bowl, you name it. Is this normal? I believe it is the beginning signs of my husbands OCDness in my child? Yesterday while I was getting ready he was in the closet and I walk in to find him busy putting all my shoes in my laundry basket
He likes to stay busy :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012


I finally have a toddler!
 My little man was in no rush to start walking, can you blame him? He had a mom to carry him everywhere, no need to do it himself :) A little over a week ago my dad and step mother were in Indianapolis which is only a couple hours from me so John Thomas and I got to spend the day with them. We met them an the Indianapolis Fair Grounds where there was a horse show. The fair grounds is huge!! We spent the majority of the day exploring and JT walked (holding someones hand) the majority of the time. My mom had spent a week with us the week before and spent a lot of time getting him to walk only holding onto one finger so he was getting more comfortable with walking. We spent the day with them on Thursday.......

and on Friday JT took about 10 steps by himself! he was so proud of himself! Smiling and laughing the whole time. Here's a little video from Sunday - every time before he would start walking he would clap for himself. Too funny

Yesterday morning I was in the kitchen and I hear John Thomas saying "Mom Mom" and I turn around and he is walking across the kitchen. So cute! and sweet that he wanted me to see him. Love that little boy!!!
A few pictures from our week

Makes my heart smile. I don't ever want to forget how he curls himself in a little ball to sleep.

Sweetest dog on the planet! JT loves Kennedy!!
 He spends most of his day chasing her, laying on her, and pulling her hair. 

I was cleaning in the kitchen and thought JT was playing in the living room, go to check on him....
he has opened the screen door and is playing outside!

Happy baby :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Family Easter Pics

While I realize NONE of these pictures are good of all of us, they are the only family Easter pictures I have. We enjoyed brunch at a beautiful country club in Lexington. Here are a few pics with the sun in our eyes :) 
 My two handsome boys

 Poor JT! I think the sun was in his eyes

I think it is safe to say JT did not enjoy taking pictures :)

A few of JT waiting to meet the Easter Bunny

Saturday, April 14, 2012


We had a wonderful Easter! I have always loved Easter. Growing up it was one of my favorite holidays. I LOVE sunrise service! We would wake up super early to see what the Easter bunny brought us which included the amazing Easter candy, Peeps, and all things chocolate. I wish the Easter Bunny still brought me an Easter basket that I could eat all the candy without any guilt! :) Then we would go to sunrise service, which was always outside facing three crosses and the sun rose behind them while we sang He Lives, The Old Rugged Cross, etc. What an amzing way to start the day. Church was followed by a church pancake breakfast and easter egg hunt. We would then go to my grandparents and me and my cousins would spend the day having our parents hide and re-hide eggs for hours. I can only imagine how much fun this was for them ;)
Since moving away from Alabama I have missed my family and the traditions so much on Easter! Now that we are in Ohio we are fortunate enough to have our best friends and Goddaughter two hours away. We got to spend Easter with them and enjoyed every bit of the day!

A few pictures from our Easter with our wonderful friends

Me, JT, Jenna and Saylor

Uncle Matthew and JT

Me and my husband

Jenna watching Saylor and JT

Tommy and Saylor

With my son and Goddaughter :)

So thankful for Matthew, Jenna and Saylor and all the wonderful memories we have made and will continue to make. So thankful to have "family" to spend one of the most important days we as Christians celebrate.