Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I love, love summer!! I love the hot weather, I love running in warm weather, I love sitting in our backyard watching JT play, I love taking Kennedy on walks, I love it getting light earlier and staying light later, I love Tommy being home more (until recruiting starts, next month), I could go on and on. But I will just share some pictures of our summer fun.

At the Greene, an outdoor mall that has a splash area for kids and bands on the weekends.
 Great combination - you can shop, eat and play.

 Daddy tickling John Thomas

My boys

Date night. YAY!

Having a snack. I thought is was so funny how he was leaned back in his chair eating.

At the pool.
 He will not keep his hats on his head but loved Morgan' s hat.

Big shoes to fill.
Really cute watching him walk around the house in Tommy's shoes.

Trying to make him go inside and he escapes as soon as I got the swim diaper off him.

Looking forward to enjoying the rest of summer!!!

Father's Day

I am so proud John Thomas has his dad to look up to as his role model. Tommy has done a great job raising "Little" Tommy. Tommy had to work half the day on Sunday but then we got to go out to celebrate Father's Day. 

Daddy and his little man

I framed both of these pictures for Tommy to put in his office

Happy Father's Day to my sweet husband!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Strawberry Fields

A couple weeks ago we went to Troy, Ohio, about 40 minutes from our house, to the strawberry festival. Everything was strawberry flavored! Strawberry donuts, jam, fried strawberries, straberry salsa, strawberry bbq sauce, etc. We walked around the festival then headed to Fulton Farms where you get to pick your own strawberries. It was a lot of fun and the strawberries where delicious!! It was so fun watching JT walk through the fields pulling a straberry off the vine and eating it. He loved it!

Fun Family Day!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Catching up

Someone once told me "as a mother the days are long but the years are fast" it seems so true! I can only imagine it will seem much more real as I watch my boy grow. He does such simple stuff that amazes me. Like grabbing the hairbrush and brushing his hair, pointing the remote at the TV, putting the phone to his ear saying hey, hey. When he hears music he starts dancing, he will go to the fridge and say mom, mom until I come open the door and he will grab his sippy cup and walk away. This morning he got his shoes tried to put them on his feet until he got frustrated, brought them to me then went to the back door screaming MOM, MOM until I let him go outside and play. It is so amazing to me that he knows what he wants to do. I promise it wasn't that long ago that i could just lay him on the couch and he could not even roll over. I love watching him grow and see his personality form :)

Sharing snacks with Kennedy

Early morning play with Kennedy

Playing in the backyard before 7am :)

First set of golf clubs from Aunt Dianne

 Thank you, Aunt Dianne!

JT and Daddy