Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I love, love summer!! I love the hot weather, I love running in warm weather, I love sitting in our backyard watching JT play, I love taking Kennedy on walks, I love it getting light earlier and staying light later, I love Tommy being home more (until recruiting starts, next month), I could go on and on. But I will just share some pictures of our summer fun.

At the Greene, an outdoor mall that has a splash area for kids and bands on the weekends.
 Great combination - you can shop, eat and play.

 Daddy tickling John Thomas

My boys

Date night. YAY!

Having a snack. I thought is was so funny how he was leaned back in his chair eating.

At the pool.
 He will not keep his hats on his head but loved Morgan' s hat.

Big shoes to fill.
Really cute watching him walk around the house in Tommy's shoes.

Trying to make him go inside and he escapes as soon as I got the swim diaper off him.

Looking forward to enjoying the rest of summer!!!

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  1. Lots of summer fun! I love visiting The Greene. I need to make a trip there soon.