Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Chicago is only about 4.5 hours away from us so we decided to take a long weekend trip to visit the city. John Thomas had his 18month old shots the day before we left so it may not had been the best timing. He was fussy it didn't sleep well the first day. Poor guy and poor us ;)

Proof JT was not enjoying the start of our trip

However the rest of us enjoyed Navy Pier and the farriswheel.

 My love/hate part of the trip, JT does not sleep well in different environments so usually he ends up in the bed with Tommy and I. Mostly laying on top of me all night. He also wakes up early. The first morning he was up by 5:30 so I put him in the jogging stroller and went running so everyone else could sleep. I loved running in Chicago! So many people were out running and the weather was perfect!

Views from our run

 We visited  Shedd Aquarium, which JT loved!

Hoping Oprah would come outside and adopt me :)

We stayed right off Michigan Ave so we also got to do some shopping and lots of eating! My favorite spot was called Hot Chocolate right outside of Chicago. If I would have lived in Chicago when I was young and single I imagine I would hang out in that area ;) We also ate at two restaurants that had been on the show Drivers, Diners and Dives. We took an architectural tour of Chicago that was great! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures because I was trying to entertain an 18 month old on a small boat for 90 minutes.

On the way home there was an accident and we sat on the interstate not moving for about an hour. I took this picture because it isn't too ofter you see your toddler hanging out on the interstate.

Brotherly Bonding (still sitting on the interstate)

Fun trip to Chicago!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One Year in Ohio

This week marks one year since John Thomas and I made the move to Ohio to join Tommy. It definitely was not easy in the beginning but we have now made our home here. I have loved watching my son grow from a baby to a toddler in the past year.
Every year a booster for the basketball team has a huge party at his house to welcome the basketball players back to school. (This year 1,000 people rsvp to it!) We moved here the day before the party last year. I took a picture of John Thomas and I last year and one this year.

 He has grown SO much!!! He is such a big boy now!

My Family

The Boys

Friday, August 10, 2012

Lexington and a Concert

Trying to catch up here. A couple of weekends ago JT, Kennedy and I traveled down to Lexington to spend some time with my Goddaughter, Saylor, and good friend Jenna. Both of our husbands where on the road recruiting. Jenna's husband, Matthew, is the women's coach at Kentucky.We enjoyed some good girl time! Babies, food, wine, a good run and some relaxing. Love! A few pics from our weekend

JTs first bath with his future wife, Saylor :)

Jenna, John Thomas and Saylor after our morning run

 The Hug
 before the crash on the pavement and two screaming babies

Saying Bye

Fun trip to see some of our favorite people!

To celebrate surviving my husband traveling for three weeks I went to a concert with some friends. My first time at the Fraze, an outdoor music pavilion, and I loved it!!! We saw Javier Colon (the winner of the first season of The Voice) Gavin DeGraw and Colbie Caillat.

Fun Girls Night Out!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

18 months and stitches

John Thomas almost made it to a year and a half without any scars.
A couple days before he turned 18months old we had a bad fall outside and ended up at the emergency room. It had been one of "those days" all day long! I remember telling Tommy earlier that day I was just trying to keep my head above water, if I could just make it to his bedtime I would be ok.
We were outside playing and I told JT it was time to go upstairs and take a bath and read bedtime stories. In response he picks up his little chair and starts pushing it in the opposite direction, it catches on a rift in the concrete and sweet JT goes over the chair, face first. My husband is on an airplane so I can't even get up with him. Of course I call my mother, not knowing what to do. I had to send her pictures because all she could hear was JT screaming over the phone. We are very fortunate to have a Children's Hospital within 10 miles of us. (I didn't remember this until after driving to the main hospital, getting up with our pediatric nurse turning around going to Children's 45min later) JT was sleeping in the car the whole time, I would rather have heard him screaming, I was so scared that he shouldn't be sleeping. We got to the Children's Hospital, he wrapped his little body around me for about 5 minutes then realized there were all kinds of new toys he had never played with before and he was off, blood covered face and all :) I think he only fell 5 more times before we saw the Dr. Getting stitched up was the worse!!! I was by myself and listening to my baby yell DOWN and STOP, heartbreaking!!!
He survived.
I spent Monday beating myself up and having the awful mom guilt. Tuesday was better until he was running with his sippy cup, fell, big bump on opposite side of the forehead and bloody nose. Husband out of town. Stitches are out now, still have tape because the wound did not heal completely. He is a tough little guy.

Patiently waiting on the Dr

JT's new look

18month check up - 25.6lbs (48%) and 33inches (64%) good healthy boy!