Friday, May 30, 2014

Getting Ready


We are counting down the final few days as a family of three.  I absolutely can not wait to meet this new guy that has been growing inside me! At the same time I am a little sad it will not be just JT and I anymore. He is my little buddy, we are together all the time and it works so well. My biggest concern is him adjusting well to having a baby at home and sharing me. Tommy believes that will be tough on him. I’m hoping with my family here and everything we have planned for him, he will stay busy until I become settled in my new role as a mom of two. I can’t wait!! So thankful the Lord has provided a healthy pregnancy and praying for a healthy baby (and safe delivery)

This pregnancy has been tougher than my with Jon Thomas. Starting with the fertility dr.,going on clomid, getting blood work twice week for the first three weeks, drs appointment every week from week 7-13, shots in my stomach twice a day starting the day I found out I was pregnant, progesterone, iron pills, starting at week 30 twice a week non stress test. Thankfully everything has gone well and we have never received one negative report from a drs appointment.  Now just a couple more days and we will meet the newest member of our family!

Tommy was off work the whole Memorial Day weekend and it was so nice to have him home!! Friday we celebrated our 5 year anniversary with a very nice dinner in Cincinnati



Saturday I got a new car! something bigger for our growing family :)

My new Highlander, I love it!


Saying goodbye to my old car, I really loved it too!


Sunday was John Thomas’ day and he wanted to go to the zoo. After church we drove to Cincinnati zoo.  He loved it!

067 069

JT requested to have this picture made, he is saying cheese072 075 076 078 079

Monday we were able to relax and prepare for baby. We finished the day grilling and going out for ice cream. Successful day!

Another “cheese” face :)

001 003

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

End of the school year


John Thomas absolutely loved going to school this year! Next year he will be in the three year old class, he will start going three days a week from 9-12.  I think it will be perfect for him. They had a “graduation” for the school. The two and three year olds classes each did a song and the 4 years olds graduated.

010 014 015 

We celebrated the end of school year with one of his friends, Landon, at Scene 75

023 024 025 027 029

John Thomas also had a field trip with his school the last day of school.  We went to Learning Tree Farm, where we also went a couple weeks before with my Moms group from church. He loved it both times:)

Sweet friends

034 035


His favorite part was catching the chickens037     041 042 043 046

Here is a few pictures from our last trip that I never blogged about

095 101 105 109 111 112 113

I think John Thomas going to “school”(two days a week for 2.5 hours) was great for him. He loved his teacher, his friends and learning. Now I am ready for all the fun summer brings!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mother’s Day

Mother’s day celebration began on Friday, John Thomas’ pre school hosted a Mothers Tea for all moms. The teachers had all the kids make a card, poster and plate for the mothers. It was really sweet. My first handmade keepsake from John Thomas, really special.

039 040He did show me on the plate where he put my favorite color (yellow) and his favorite color (orange) in the middle and Daddy’s favorite color (red) next to us. He loves knowing everyone favorite colors and finding them throughout the day.

We also had princess crowns. He didn’t want me to wear it much Friday but all day Sunday he would ask me where it was and to put it on


Mother’s Day was a nice but tough day. Saturday night I was up most of the night with my back and hips hurting. I could tell the baby dropped over night when I got up the next morning.

Francis was due on Mother’s day last year (May 12) so I think Mother’s Day will always be a little tough. I am very thankful to be less than a month to meeting our new baby but my heart is still hurts thinking about Francis and having a one year old. No one else remembers the dates like a mom does so it makes it tougher when you feel like everyone else has forgotten. My eyes have also been opened to all the women that are struggling to get pregnant, have lost children or mother’s. I am so thankful to be a mom but my heart breaks for all the women struggling.

I decided this year I wanted to start a Mother’s Day tradition, when John Thomas woke up that morning I asked him if he wanted to go get donuts and he said “Wow, that’s a really big treat” So cute!

030 033

We then went to church and lunch at the Country Club where sadly I didn’t take any pictures. Tommy had to run into work for a few minutes, John Thomas ran around the gym and played basketball


And at almost 3.5 this was the second day this week he refused a nap, we are now on day four of no naps. Just in time for baby;) I was really hoping he would nap until kindergarten!

A few random pictures

This was the beginning of me tracing his body with side walk chalk. I am pretty sure I did at least 20 more traces before I finally told him we had to take a break.


A booster for the university held a dinner to honor the coaches for their hard work and success during NCAA tournament.


Getting his workout in at Crossfit :)