Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Play

John Thomas had his first Christmas play last week. It was so cute! Thankfully, Tommy was at home and was able to attend. There something about seeing your child get up on stage and sing and dance in front of a room full of people that makes you SO proud! It actually brought tears to my eyes. It was one of those surreal moments where you realize you are a parent. He did great. His class sang two songs and he sang and danced (did the movements) to the songs.

The first song they did was the Dancing Christmas Tree and they all wore Christmas trees on their head. Then they “sang” (along with a tape) Away in a Manager.

2013-12-11 18.52.18 2013-12-11 19.08.20 2013-12-11 19.10.47 2013-12-11 19.24.29 2013-12-11 19.26.05 2013-12-11 19.27.03

Friday, December 6, 2013

Random, Catch up post

I am inside all day with a snow day and a sick boy. I pride myself in how few times John Thomas has been sick (never taken antibiotics but has been on steroids once) it breaks my heart to see him sick but there is something so great about him wanting to curl up and sleep on me all day. Anyway, perfect day to catch up on here.

Beginning of November I finally decided to potty train. I heard all these horror stories about potty training so I kept postponing. However, it was fairly easy! He had a couple accidents the second day and that was it! We stayed home Friday afternoon-Sunday and he went back to school on Monday and playcare at the gym that night with no accidents! He had a chart that he put a sticker on every time he used the potty and it worked like a charm! Sunday night Tommy and I took him to the pet store to get a fish as his big boy prize. He, of course, named the fish Dinosaur Fishy. We have had a couple accidents here and there but overall I am amazed at how easy it was:) I am sure this is a plus to waiting so long, he will be 3 the end of January.

Dinosaur Fishy being moved to his new home

2013-11-11 08.47.34

2013-11-11 11.46.28 

Basketball season has started. Dayton is ranked 25th. YAY!!

2013-11-13 18.39.38 2013-11-16 13.28.20

This makes me laugh! Just eating a little popcorn:) JT has absolutely zero interest in basketball. He likes Rudy (the mascot), popcorn and playing the ipad.


Tommy had a basketball tournament in Hawaii over Thanksgiving which unfortunately JT and I were not able to go on so we did the next best thing – spent a week in Alabama

2013-11-23 13.12.02On the plane to Alabama 

2013-11-23 13.20.10 

Paw Paw was moving a newborn calf and the boys got to pet her. She was only about 45mins old!2013-11-25 10.08.21 


While in Alabama we celebrated one year since I had Francis. I could  never imagined what all I would go through in the next year. I can’t wait for the day to hold her in my arms again.2013-11-25 20.45.42

2013-11-25 20.49.49

All the kids – JT, Gavin, Seth, Jackson. Cole and Molli Kate. I loved getting together with my sisters and some of our best friends and watching all the kids play.2013-11-25 20.52.43

Boys having fun! Baths before going to the movies to see Frozen!2013-11-26 17.35.42 2013-11-26 17.36.04

JT and Aunt Mandy

2013-11-29 18.14.03

2013-11-29 19.31.44I managed not to get one picture with my family or pictures of JT with anyone! I wish I was better about taking pictures, especially on Thanksgiving day.

John Thomas did manage to capture this one picture of himself. I was impressed! 2013-11-29 21.14.09


One final picture in case my husband wins the battle and cuts his perfect curly hair2013-12-06 13.34.01

Saturday, November 9, 2013


Halloween was fun this year mostly because it was the first year John Thomas really knew what was going on and he was excited. He picked out his costume for the first time, had his face painted and went trick or treating. Unfortunately it stormed Halloween night and the city did not move the day:( I was able to take John Thomas early when it was sprinkling and windy but Tommy wanted to take him also. By the time Tommy got home from work it was raining hard. My sweet husband grabbed a large umbrella and braved the rain with 30mph winds. The weather did not bother JT at all! Tommy was just going to take him to a couple houses but after every house JT would say “One More”  He got several one mores :)

His school had a trunk or treat the weekend before Halloween which prepared him for Halloween night. In the beginning he was shy and wouldn't say anything but by the time we got to the last car he wanted to do it again. He did great Halloween night, knocking on the door and would say trick or treating at every house. It was so cute! Tommy and I were talking last night about how JT makes everything so much more fun. I’m really looking forward to Christmas this year!

We also participated in the ghost and goblins 5k. It was a lot of fun! So many people were dressed up and John Thomas loved seeing all the costumes. It kept him entertained the whole race! He keeps asking to do ghost and goblins race again.

2013-10-22 18.27.38-2


Trunk or treat at his school and first face painting.2013-10-26 16.29.08 2013-10-26 16.29.42 2013-10-26 16.32.03

Tommy and I wanted to carve pumpkins because we thought JT would enjoy it. Not the case, he colored on the pumpkins then played with his Lego's while Tommy and I carved pumpkins.2013-10-30 19.48.39 - Copy 2013-10-30 19.48.43 2013-10-30 20.04.53 2013-10-30 20.05.57Halloween day. He wore his costume to the gym then we went trick or treating

2013-10-31 16.24.15 2013-10-31 16.24.20 2013-10-31 18.45.49 2013-10-31 18.46.01

Fun memories, looking forward to many more!

Friday, October 11, 2013

A few of my favorite things

I know I will forget a lot of the little stuff John Thomas does so I want to write it down so I can always look back and smile. He has such a little personality that I love. I think he has a lot of my personality. He is a social butterfly, laid back, determined, a helper and a happy person. Tommy would also say he can have mood swings like me, I don’t think that is meant to be compliment to either of us.

He loves to sing. His favorite songs are Be Our Guest (from Beauty and the Beast), Ittsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus and Jesus loves me. He is also learning Old McDonald right now too. He will start singing as loud as he can and does not like anyone to sing with him.

He is very good about saying his prayers. He always wants me to go first, then his turn, then my turn, then his turn, etc until I finally say enough. He puts his hands together and closes his eyes as tight as possible. Its really cute. He will thank God for everything from his friend Cole (and Cole’s mommy Jackie) to dinosaurs, dragons, alligators, Ipad, Daddy, Kennedy, witch Mommy (my neighbors have a witch in their front yard for Halloween) etc.

He loves to do anything active and with his friends. His favorite game is Got You(chase) We always say I going to get you so he calls it got you. Tommy will play hide and seek with him. Tommy will tell JT to go hide and will count then say JT where are you so JT will come running saying “here I am Daddy” It’s really funny but I tell Tommy he is not fair so I always help JT when it’s his turn. He loves going to the park and bounce houses too.

He is loving school and doing so well. When I drop him off he says Bye Mommy, gives me a hug and kiss and starts playing. I am so thankful he is enjoying it and adjusting well. When I pick him up from school I always ask what he did and the only things he will tell me is ate snacks and played in the big room (where they play games and run around). Recently when I pick him up he tells me he misses me. Melts my heart! Mommy I miss you while I’m at school. He has also started saying it when I pick him up from play care at the gym. I love it! When I pick him up from he always ask if Mommy is clean? and has to feel my shirt to see if it is wet (with sweat). He will not let me carry him if I am sweaty because he doesn’t want to get “all wet” as he says. This is ok at the gym but he also does it when I pick him up from school and church. They probably think I never shower!

John Thomas and I have made a couple trips to the pumpkin patch. He has so much fun! When Tommy came home home after our recent trip John Thomas told Daddy he misses him while he’s at work and wants him to go with him to the pumpkin patch. Made Tommy’s day! John Thomas will not only get a third trip to the pumpkin patch I bet he gets whatever he wants from there as well:)

He is such a happy, good child and I could not be more thankful to be his mom!


2013-09-28 16.16.23 2013-10-04 17.28.132013-10-06 12.15.14-1

2013-10-07 17.14.25


He loves a good picture of himself, I found 84 of these pics on my phone this morning

2013-10-08 08.07.42

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Basketball practice officially started this past weekend, which means my husband works 7 days a week until March :(  It can be tough when Tommy works so much but JT and I decided while he works we will play. We kicked off our weekend by going to the circus. John Thomas loved the animals and especially the dragons!

2013-09-28 10.33.39

He loved every single bite of this, as soon as he finished he wanted another one. He also didn’t nap during afternoon since he probably had 500grams of sugar :)2013-09-28 12.18.12


2013-09-28 12.48.51

He loved the motorcycles too. For some reason John Thomas has always called motorcycles “Monsters” So he loved watching all the monsters come out and go upside down in the cage.2013-09-28 12.58.51 2013-09-28 12.59.36

Dragon!2013-09-28 13.00.44

2013-09-28 13.05.27Happy Boy, Happy Mommy

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dinosaurs and Sunflowers

John Thomas loves Dinosaurs (and dragons)! We took him to see Discover the Dinosaurs last weekend and he is still asking to go back to see the dinosaurs.

2013-09-15 11.32.30For some reason John Thomas believes dinosaurs will bite your finger. This is the first dinosaur we saw so he was seeing if he would bite his finger.

Dinosaur biting Daddy’s finger too.2013-09-15 11.43.45 

Uncovering dinosaur bones.2013-09-15 11.45.42

Looking at this picture made me wonder, when did my baby get so big?  I know he is a toddler but how are his legs hanging half way down my body?!

2013-09-15 11.48.12


Riding the dinosaur 

2013-09-15 12.03.44  2013-09-15 12.42.42 2013-09-15 12.44.43 

From dinosaurs to sunflowers……

There is a big field of sunflowers close to our house. I took JT and Kennedy out to the field to get a few pictures and let them run around. While we were there I saw several pictures being made, newborn, homecoming pictures and I’m guessing Christmas cards because little kids were in dresses and button ups. I did not plan that well, we were just there to play and use my iphone camera

2013-09-20 12.15.11

2013-09-20 12.08.22 2013-09-20 12.08.35 2013-09-20 12.10.16 2013-09-20 12.15.27 2013-09-20 12.15.40 2013-09-20 12.17.09-1

My attempt to get a good picture. John Thomas, smile and say cheese.2013-09-20 12.17.34


Ok, this time look up and say cheese

2013-09-20 12.17.37

haha, love this little boy!

of course, John Thomas found this rock pile next to the huge field of flowers and was more interested in it.

2013-09-20 12.12.40