Friday, December 6, 2013

Random, Catch up post

I am inside all day with a snow day and a sick boy. I pride myself in how few times John Thomas has been sick (never taken antibiotics but has been on steroids once) it breaks my heart to see him sick but there is something so great about him wanting to curl up and sleep on me all day. Anyway, perfect day to catch up on here.

Beginning of November I finally decided to potty train. I heard all these horror stories about potty training so I kept postponing. However, it was fairly easy! He had a couple accidents the second day and that was it! We stayed home Friday afternoon-Sunday and he went back to school on Monday and playcare at the gym that night with no accidents! He had a chart that he put a sticker on every time he used the potty and it worked like a charm! Sunday night Tommy and I took him to the pet store to get a fish as his big boy prize. He, of course, named the fish Dinosaur Fishy. We have had a couple accidents here and there but overall I am amazed at how easy it was:) I am sure this is a plus to waiting so long, he will be 3 the end of January.

Dinosaur Fishy being moved to his new home

2013-11-11 08.47.34

2013-11-11 11.46.28 

Basketball season has started. Dayton is ranked 25th. YAY!!

2013-11-13 18.39.38 2013-11-16 13.28.20

This makes me laugh! Just eating a little popcorn:) JT has absolutely zero interest in basketball. He likes Rudy (the mascot), popcorn and playing the ipad.


Tommy had a basketball tournament in Hawaii over Thanksgiving which unfortunately JT and I were not able to go on so we did the next best thing – spent a week in Alabama

2013-11-23 13.12.02On the plane to Alabama 

2013-11-23 13.20.10 

Paw Paw was moving a newborn calf and the boys got to pet her. She was only about 45mins old!2013-11-25 10.08.21 


While in Alabama we celebrated one year since I had Francis. I could  never imagined what all I would go through in the next year. I can’t wait for the day to hold her in my arms again.2013-11-25 20.45.42

2013-11-25 20.49.49

All the kids – JT, Gavin, Seth, Jackson. Cole and Molli Kate. I loved getting together with my sisters and some of our best friends and watching all the kids play.2013-11-25 20.52.43

Boys having fun! Baths before going to the movies to see Frozen!2013-11-26 17.35.42 2013-11-26 17.36.04

JT and Aunt Mandy

2013-11-29 18.14.03

2013-11-29 19.31.44I managed not to get one picture with my family or pictures of JT with anyone! I wish I was better about taking pictures, especially on Thanksgiving day.

John Thomas did manage to capture this one picture of himself. I was impressed! 2013-11-29 21.14.09


One final picture in case my husband wins the battle and cuts his perfect curly hair2013-12-06 13.34.01

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