Monday, July 22, 2013

Beginning of potty training

We are starting to potty train. I plan to start the 3day potty training that so many of my friends swear by after we get back from the beach in August but right now I have decided if he tells me we will use the potty. Last night we were playing outside and John Thomas told me he had to poop. We ran upstairs to his potty and he peed in the potty! I, of course, made a big deal out of it cheering, clapping and giving him a big hug. He was so excited he wanted to do it again. He sat down on his potty and peed again, I went through the same routine. He never pooped on the potty but he did try. He was so excited about peeing he sat down and repeated the scenario probably 5 times until he could not squeeze anymore out of his little body. During bath time he peed in the tub and got excited and started clapping and reaching his arms out saying "hug, hug" so I guess we have some work to do :)

Checking out what is going on

Celebrating with movie and popcorn

A few fun pictures from this past week.

We have visited a new church the past couple Saturday nights with one of my friends and really enjoyed it! They are doing a series this summer tying all the messages to a summer movie, popcorn was passed out as we went into church. I gave my to John Thomas in the car after church.
Turned around to see this - watching a movie, eating popcorn and his leg thrown over his car seat. Hilarious!

Sweet boy

Kennedy cooling off during our walk

JT thinks it is so funny to get in the pool with his clothes on, so I let him

I love the hair and belly in this picture

This boy loves watermelon!

I don't know if there is anything sweeter than a sleeping baby

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


We love summer! I know I've said it before but we love being outside, playing at the park, going on walks, going to the pool and splash pad. So much more to do.
One of my favorite things John Thomas does now is he tells you he is happy. It doesn't matter if we are riding in the car, playing or whatever he will say "JT happy" "Mommy happy" "Daddy happy" and so on. I love it! Also makes me feel like I am doing a pretty good job as a mom :)
Some of my other favorite things he is saying right now:
 Whenever he finishes eating his food he will say " Ate it all up" he will also go through the recycling bin and he will say whoever he saw eating out of the box/bottle the most ate it all up,  Milk " Daddy drank it all up" Sparkling water "Momma drank it all up" Cereal "JT ate it all up" Really cute :) 

He loves to play "Got you" he will say "got you mommy" which means mommy is suppose to run and he catches me or he says " got you JT" and you catch him. This is his favorite game, we play as long as mommy will play it.

People have complemented me on how polite he is, I assume this is because we are living in the north. In the south you are expected to say please, thank you. He is very good about saying please and thank you, he even says no please which I think is really cute.

Last one - when he wants to be held he says "Hold you" and reaches up. I will ask JT "Want Mommy to hold you?" so I assume he that's why he says hold you. Tommy know has him saying Later days Mommy when he goes to bed. Tommy loves this, I don't understand it. Guess that's what I get for marrying a basketball coach :)

First ice cream cone

Happy Boy! A big bag of Buzz toys and costume.
One of my friends boys have out grown their love for Buzz and JT benefiting from it! 

If you leave a little outside expect to find him naked in water:)

 Timeout, not happy

Daddy travels a lot during July so we made him cookies to
welcome him home after his first week on the road.

 After we made most of the cookies John Thomas was allowed to put as many sprinkles
 as he wanted to in the rest, this made him very happy

Monday, July 8, 2013

Gavin and John Thomas

My nephew, Gavin, spent this past week with us. The boys had the best time! I planned activities to keep them busy (and get out all that energy!!) Someone needs to bottle up a 6 years old energy and sale it, it is amazing! We all had a great time. Picture overload of the boys.........

My dad was working a couple hours away from where I live so John Thomas and I made the trip over to pick up Gavin. We took the boys to a military base that had a park where they could see the tanks, helicopters and trains. They loved it! JT is at the age that he loves big trucks and helicopters and Gavin likes to have open space to run :) so it was a win! Plus we enjoyed a playground, popcorn and dinner before the ride back.

 Most challenging part of the trip - entertaining Gavin while JT napped (and I wanted to nap!)
Sprinkler time

A big hit, Scene 75, the largest indoor entertainment center in the country.

Toddler bounce houses

Bounce houses for the big kids

 Glow in the dark putt putt golf

4th of July the rain

JT loved the marching bands

Kids play area for the 4th festival

Gavin helped JT through all the big bounce houses, the stairs and slides :)

I took the boys to see Tommy at work on Friday and to run around on the practice court :) One of the players was practicing with a coach so Gavin would watch what they were doing then come back and tell me what drills we needed to run. So cute! He also shot the ball with Alex after he finished practicing. Then for another hour Gavin and John Thomas chased each other on the court.
 Perfect way to get out some energy on another rainy day!

Children's Discovery Museum.
We loved it!!!

Playing at the park and catching fireflies

We stayed busy, everyone had a great time and lots of memories were made. Makes me so happy and thankful I had this opportunity. I took Gavin back to my dad on Sunday. My dad called and told me Gavin said he doesn't know what the best day of his life is but it was probably one of the days he spent with Aunt Lisa. It brought tears to my eyes, made everything worth it :) I know John Thomas had a blast too! He followed Gavin everywhere he went for the week and was not happy when I came back home without Gavin. I hope we are able to do this for many more years!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What I have been doing lately

I have had a couple opportunities brought my way recently that I have really enjoyed

I was trained in the Bickram Hot Yoga series. I love learning and expanding what I am able to teach. Bickram is the original hot yoga. Around the world the same 26 poses are practiced in a room heated to 100-105 degrees. I love it!

I taught a yoga class to the UD basketball team. Really neat to teach yoga on a basketball court to a group of 6 feet tall guys :)

Got CrossFit certified. Again really love expanding my knowledge. My gym is wanting to open a Crossfit box with me as one of the lead instructors. Crossfit is a competitive workout that combines body weight, heavy weight and gymnastic moves.

And of course my favorite job of all........
playing with this guy, even in the rain