Monday, July 22, 2013

Beginning of potty training

We are starting to potty train. I plan to start the 3day potty training that so many of my friends swear by after we get back from the beach in August but right now I have decided if he tells me we will use the potty. Last night we were playing outside and John Thomas told me he had to poop. We ran upstairs to his potty and he peed in the potty! I, of course, made a big deal out of it cheering, clapping and giving him a big hug. He was so excited he wanted to do it again. He sat down on his potty and peed again, I went through the same routine. He never pooped on the potty but he did try. He was so excited about peeing he sat down and repeated the scenario probably 5 times until he could not squeeze anymore out of his little body. During bath time he peed in the tub and got excited and started clapping and reaching his arms out saying "hug, hug" so I guess we have some work to do :)

Checking out what is going on

Celebrating with movie and popcorn

A few fun pictures from this past week.

We have visited a new church the past couple Saturday nights with one of my friends and really enjoyed it! They are doing a series this summer tying all the messages to a summer movie, popcorn was passed out as we went into church. I gave my to John Thomas in the car after church.
Turned around to see this - watching a movie, eating popcorn and his leg thrown over his car seat. Hilarious!

Sweet boy

Kennedy cooling off during our walk

JT thinks it is so funny to get in the pool with his clothes on, so I let him

I love the hair and belly in this picture

This boy loves watermelon!

I don't know if there is anything sweeter than a sleeping baby

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