Tuesday, July 16, 2013


We love summer! I know I've said it before but we love being outside, playing at the park, going on walks, going to the pool and splash pad. So much more to do.
One of my favorite things John Thomas does now is he tells you he is happy. It doesn't matter if we are riding in the car, playing or whatever he will say "JT happy" "Mommy happy" "Daddy happy" and so on. I love it! Also makes me feel like I am doing a pretty good job as a mom :)
Some of my other favorite things he is saying right now:
 Whenever he finishes eating his food he will say " Ate it all up" he will also go through the recycling bin and he will say whoever he saw eating out of the box/bottle the most ate it all up,  Milk " Daddy drank it all up" Sparkling water "Momma drank it all up" Cereal "JT ate it all up" Really cute :) 

He loves to play "Got you" he will say "got you mommy" which means mommy is suppose to run and he catches me or he says " got you JT" and you catch him. This is his favorite game, we play as long as mommy will play it.

People have complemented me on how polite he is, I assume this is because we are living in the north. In the south you are expected to say please, thank you. He is very good about saying please and thank you, he even says no please which I think is really cute.

Last one - when he wants to be held he says "Hold you" and reaches up. I will ask JT "Want Mommy to hold you?" so I assume he that's why he says hold you. Tommy know has him saying Later days Mommy when he goes to bed. Tommy loves this, I don't understand it. Guess that's what I get for marrying a basketball coach :)

First ice cream cone

Happy Boy! A big bag of Buzz toys and costume.
One of my friends boys have out grown their love for Buzz and JT benefiting from it! 

If you leave a little outside expect to find him naked in water:)

 Timeout, not happy

Daddy travels a lot during July so we made him cookies to
welcome him home after his first week on the road.

 After we made most of the cookies John Thomas was allowed to put as many sprinkles
 as he wanted to in the rest, this made him very happy

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