Monday, July 8, 2013

Gavin and John Thomas

My nephew, Gavin, spent this past week with us. The boys had the best time! I planned activities to keep them busy (and get out all that energy!!) Someone needs to bottle up a 6 years old energy and sale it, it is amazing! We all had a great time. Picture overload of the boys.........

My dad was working a couple hours away from where I live so John Thomas and I made the trip over to pick up Gavin. We took the boys to a military base that had a park where they could see the tanks, helicopters and trains. They loved it! JT is at the age that he loves big trucks and helicopters and Gavin likes to have open space to run :) so it was a win! Plus we enjoyed a playground, popcorn and dinner before the ride back.

 Most challenging part of the trip - entertaining Gavin while JT napped (and I wanted to nap!)
Sprinkler time

A big hit, Scene 75, the largest indoor entertainment center in the country.

Toddler bounce houses

Bounce houses for the big kids

 Glow in the dark putt putt golf

4th of July the rain

JT loved the marching bands

Kids play area for the 4th festival

Gavin helped JT through all the big bounce houses, the stairs and slides :)

I took the boys to see Tommy at work on Friday and to run around on the practice court :) One of the players was practicing with a coach so Gavin would watch what they were doing then come back and tell me what drills we needed to run. So cute! He also shot the ball with Alex after he finished practicing. Then for another hour Gavin and John Thomas chased each other on the court.
 Perfect way to get out some energy on another rainy day!

Children's Discovery Museum.
We loved it!!!

Playing at the park and catching fireflies

We stayed busy, everyone had a great time and lots of memories were made. Makes me so happy and thankful I had this opportunity. I took Gavin back to my dad on Sunday. My dad called and told me Gavin said he doesn't know what the best day of his life is but it was probably one of the days he spent with Aunt Lisa. It brought tears to my eyes, made everything worth it :) I know John Thomas had a blast too! He followed Gavin everywhere he went for the week and was not happy when I came back home without Gavin. I hope we are able to do this for many more years!

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