Tuesday, February 28, 2012

John Thomas

John Thomas and I are finding a new Saturday routine.

 I go out for a long run with the Up and Running Group. 
 17 miles - 9minute pace. YAY!

Then after I relax, John Thomas naps we go to Barnes and Nobles.
 What a great find for me!!
First there is a Starbucks in Barnes and Nobles so I get coffee (Skinny Salted Carmel Mocha Latte- Amazing!) grab a couple books and head to the kids area. John Thomas loves playing with the trains and I enjoy my coffee and flip through books. It's like a little babysitter!
This amazes me - John Thomas automatically picks up train, car, etc and starts saying vroom, vroom. How does he know to do this?? I guess boys are born knowing how to do this. It is so cute.

Another good mom find for me-
At the grocery store.
 Kroger has little cars attached to the carts. John Thomas plays while I shop - when he gets bored I get some of the samples they are always passing out. My child can eat his body weight in hummus. 

John Thomas has not started walking yet and does not really seemed concerned to start. I will try to walk with him and he will for a little bit, decides that is enough sits and crawls away as fast as possible :)

What he does enjoy is climbing 
At play care at the gym. He also likes climbing to the top of the table as well.
If I leave him in the living room and walk into another room this is usually what I come back to find
Climbing on the fireplace.
And of course if we are in the kitchen this is where you usually will find him
All the tuberware has been thrown across my kitchen 
so he can fit his body in here to get the rest out for me.

Have a good week!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Long Run

Since moving to Dayton 98% of my runs have been on my own. Which for the most part I don't mind at all. However when you start running 10 plus miles it is nice to have someone to help take your mind off the fact you are still running! Also moving to a new city I do not know where to go so it's nice to learn some new running places.
The local running store here, Up and Running, has running groups that meet 3 days a week. One is Saturday mornings. Tommy is usually always working on Saturday mornings so I don't have any help with JT. I mentioned this running group to a friend of mine and she volunteered to come watch JT so I could run! She even came to my house so JT could nap in his crib, which he decided not to nap anyway. It was so nice of her!!! Not having family around and any "old" friends you really don't get much help so having a "new" friend offer to help meant SO much to me! It's the first time anyone has done that for me.
Anyway back to running - I went to Up and Running got connected with a group of runners and ran 16.40 miles!! 9:17 pace. I was really proud of myself!
Tomorrow I have a 17 mile run. I am praying it goes as well as last weeks! My legs have been tired all week but today is a recovery day so hopefully they will feel rested in the morning.

John Thomas and I celebrated my run by going to Barnes and Nobles where Mommy could get Starbucks and he could play trains :)
So much fun!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Best Friends

Best Friends

Pictures taken by my talented friend, Nicole
John Thomas loves sweet Kennedy!
To be fair I think everyone does. She is the most mild mannered, sweet, loving dog you will meet. Her world was flipped upside down when this little man came in the picture a little over a year ago.

 She now must go on a scavenger hunt to find her food.......

She can't just get a drink of water anytime.....
My son trying to fit his whole body in her little water bowl. 

But at the end of the day I think Kennedy loves JT too.

Mostly because of this.....
 Feeding Kennedy

 Sharing snacks

and my favorite

How can you not laugh?! 
I love spending my days with these two!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Life is good

It was so nice to have a date night! With Tommy's work schedule and not having family around to help with babysitting date nights are few and far between!
Notice the birthday banner in the background. I don't have the heart to take it down yet!

JT ready for bed. Mommy and Daddy going out to celebrate Valentine's Day.
We went to Tommy's favorite restaurant, PF Changs. I'm not much of a fan but I have not been in probably over a year so I thought it as only fair :)

Weekend Run
This past week was an easy week so my long run was only 10 miles. It was cold!! But I had a good run. Hoping to be able to run with a running group this weekend - I have 16!

John Thomas' new game
Everything goes in my shoes! balls, dog food, etc
On a side note - my new shoes. I love new running shoes! I was fitted for running shoes about 8 years ago and still love them. I am refitted every couple years but still go back to my favorites. Find a good running shoe and stick with it!!

Just a small snack.
John Thomas had a play date and she requested popcorn. He was a happy little man.

I am so thankful that we have got settled in Ohio and found a routine.
 Life is good. And I am so thankful!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Week in Pictures

Random pictures of JT last week

He loves bath time!!

I am unloading the dishwasher and turn around to see this. I have a climber!! But he was not happy when he could not figure out how to get down. haha

Sharing his snacks with Kennedy.

Brrrr. It's cold!

He loves brushing his teeth! Using daddy's toothbrush.

My sister gave my this book for Christmas and I love it! 
Highly recommend it!!

Weekend Run and Advocare

This past weekend I ran 24 miles!
10 on Saturday and 14 on Sunday. Tommy was out of town Saturday and it was cold and raining. Since I did not want child services called on me I ran on the treadmill instead of putting JT in the jogging stroller.  Last 10 mile run on the treadmill was a disaster! so I asked my sister and a friend to pray for me a good run and it worked! Ran 10 miles easy :) Incline 1% Time 1:31
Tommy was home Sunday so I ran outside. It was a nice day and I had a good run.  Pace was around 9:20 miles. I'm really wanting to get my pace at 9 minute miles so I can break a 4 hour marathon. I did not use GU or have water on my run. Next long run I will and I believe it will keep me from hitting a wall around 10 miles. Hopefully improving my time. This week is a recovery week so my longest run is 10 miles. I'm excited!
I do use AdvoCare products before and after my runs and I love them! They help me with energy and recovery. For those of you who asked here is my link   advocare. I have had great success with them and so have many of my friends, family and clients.

Flying Pig Marathon!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

One Year Pics

How handsome is he?!?!
My little man has grown so much in one year! I feel so blessed!!

John Thomas 1-24-2011
weight    7lbs 12ounces
length         20.5 inches

John Thomas 1-24-2012
weight     22lbs 8ounces
length           30.5inches
He is right under the 50% for weight and right over the 75% for height. Wish I was too ;)

Pictures taken by nikkijamesphotography.com

The main picture on my page was taken by dorothynicolephotography.com
Nicole also took our engagement, newborn and 6month pictures. Since we moved in opposite directions in the country I had to find someone else to take his one year.
Nicole has also just added design to her business. She is so talented!!