Friday, February 24, 2012

Long Run

Since moving to Dayton 98% of my runs have been on my own. Which for the most part I don't mind at all. However when you start running 10 plus miles it is nice to have someone to help take your mind off the fact you are still running! Also moving to a new city I do not know where to go so it's nice to learn some new running places.
The local running store here, Up and Running, has running groups that meet 3 days a week. One is Saturday mornings. Tommy is usually always working on Saturday mornings so I don't have any help with JT. I mentioned this running group to a friend of mine and she volunteered to come watch JT so I could run! She even came to my house so JT could nap in his crib, which he decided not to nap anyway. It was so nice of her!!! Not having family around and any "old" friends you really don't get much help so having a "new" friend offer to help meant SO much to me! It's the first time anyone has done that for me.
Anyway back to running - I went to Up and Running got connected with a group of runners and ran 16.40 miles!! 9:17 pace. I was really proud of myself!
Tomorrow I have a 17 mile run. I am praying it goes as well as last weeks! My legs have been tired all week but today is a recovery day so hopefully they will feel rested in the morning.

John Thomas and I celebrated my run by going to Barnes and Nobles where Mommy could get Starbucks and he could play trains :)
So much fun!

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