Thursday, February 2, 2012

One Year Pics

How handsome is he?!?!
My little man has grown so much in one year! I feel so blessed!!

John Thomas 1-24-2011
weight    7lbs 12ounces
length         20.5 inches

John Thomas 1-24-2012
weight     22lbs 8ounces
length           30.5inches
He is right under the 50% for weight and right over the 75% for height. Wish I was too ;)

Pictures taken by

The main picture on my page was taken by
Nicole also took our engagement, newborn and 6month pictures. Since we moved in opposite directions in the country I had to find someone else to take his one year.
Nicole has also just added design to her business. She is so talented!!

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  1. Lisa!! he's adorable and you guys are such a cute family!! Thanks for the shout out! Now send me some pics so I can make you a blog banner!! :)