Friday, June 26, 2015

Maxwell is ONE

My baby is one!The first year is tough but filled with so much love and joy.

Brother bath time

Trying to get a picture on his birthday.......

I love this little boy so much.  He honestly brings so much joy to our family. I have people comment all the time how they have never seen him cry, For the record he does cry but usually only when he is tired or hungry. He is such a happy baby. After getting tubes in his ears at 11 months he started sleeping through the night, thank you God! He talks (mama , dada, baba, etc) and can stand on his own. No walking, yet. He doesn't seem to have much desire to walk but loves clapping for himself every time he stands up:) He is constantly on the move! My dad and step mom recently spent a few days with us and both commented (several times) how they have never seen a baby into as much as he is, if he is awake he is moving and destroying everything possible. Or like John Thomas says "Maxi likes to destroy the world"

Maxwell is a big boy. At his one year appointment he weighed 25.15lbs 95% and 31 1/2inches 78% He can wear some 18month old clothes but mostly 24month old and has a couple 2t outfits

We had a little party at home for him

new toy

John Thomas knew Maxwell wanted to go to "chip restaurant" for his birthday so we went 

Brothers on the move

 happy Maxi

It was such a long journey filled with lots of tears and prayers to get this boy here. I am so thankful that God gave us Maxwell and I pray that Tommy and I raise him (and John Thomas) to have a heart for Christ and impact others. So so thankful. I love you, Maxwell David!!!