Tuesday, September 16, 2014

K3 Preschool


John Thomas has started back to school and loves it. He was so ready to go back, asked several times this summer when he could go back to school. I hope he keeps his enthusiasm for school for several years to come! He is attending Christ the King, same as last year, and has several of his same friends in his class. He will also be starting Spanish lunch bunch next week, where kids stay one hour after school eat lunch together and learn Spanish. Excited to watch him grow and learn!

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John Thomas and his teacher, Mrs Swearingen


  I asked John Thomas the same questions as I did last year with one added

1. Favorite color – purple (his favorite color changes every couple weeks)

2. Favorite cartoon – bubble guppies

3. Best friend – Cole, Sammy, Jack, Whitney

4. Favorite animal - dog

5. Favorite food – watermelon and ice cream

6. What do you want to be when you grow up – Mickey Mouse

Saturday, September 13, 2014

end of summer festivals


I have found there is so much to do in Dayton with kids. John Thomas loved the free summer camp through the park system this summer, the rec center offers great programs, multiple festivals every weekend, toddler story time at the library and I’m sure there is other stuff we did not make it to but we loved all the activities we did.

John Thomas mastered riding his bike this summer

004 006


Popcorn festival    011 012 014 017

Baby brother having fun at the festival too


Brothers bath time

024 028 

Kids Festival – everything was free! and the police dept was there fitting all kids for a free bike helmet. so nice!

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Alter Fest

John Thomas and Daddy went Friday night then Maxwell and I joined on Saturday



Such a big boy! He has no fear. Loves all the rides and wants to do them all by himself



These are the moments I want to remember


Friday, September 5, 2014

End of Summer


The most amazing thing happened this summer – Maxwell joined our family, which shaped the rest of the summer. This summer was filled with a lot of nursing and juggling two kids. Not many pool trips or any vacations but I am so grateful for my summer. Thankfully John Thomas being able to go to camps helped both of us and I believe he had a lot of fun. This last month Tommy has been home on the weekends which is SO NICE!! It is so nice to have help and enjoy everything together.

We made a trip to the children’s museum with John Thomas’ friend Cole. These two have so much fun together. I bought a family pass because it will be perfect for the winter months. We had so much fun with Cole we went back with Daddy a couple days later.

009 010 012 014



The fire department host a big ice cream social every year. There was so much for JT to do but I think his favorite was jumping in the puddles they made with the fire hose and eating ice cream. Simple joys, I love being reminded of the small things that bring so much happiness

007 013 

How cute is this kid?! Wearing his Excuse me I just burpeed onsie, athlete in the making:)


Painting pottery. His picked his favorite animal- a dinosaur and painted him his favorite color - orange

019 020

John Thomas and I love America Ninja Warrior so every time we go to the playground he makes an obstacle course, another athlete in the making:)


Maxwell’s two month check up, big brother making sure everything is ok

13lbs (78%)   23 1/2inches (75%)

001 002 003

My big healthy boy

012 020 021

A typical morning at our house:)


023 038 070 I absolutely love this face so much! So thankful for my two boys!!