Friday, September 5, 2014

End of Summer


The most amazing thing happened this summer – Maxwell joined our family, which shaped the rest of the summer. This summer was filled with a lot of nursing and juggling two kids. Not many pool trips or any vacations but I am so grateful for my summer. Thankfully John Thomas being able to go to camps helped both of us and I believe he had a lot of fun. This last month Tommy has been home on the weekends which is SO NICE!! It is so nice to have help and enjoy everything together.

We made a trip to the children’s museum with John Thomas’ friend Cole. These two have so much fun together. I bought a family pass because it will be perfect for the winter months. We had so much fun with Cole we went back with Daddy a couple days later.

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The fire department host a big ice cream social every year. There was so much for JT to do but I think his favorite was jumping in the puddles they made with the fire hose and eating ice cream. Simple joys, I love being reminded of the small things that bring so much happiness

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How cute is this kid?! Wearing his Excuse me I just burpeed onsie, athlete in the making:)


Painting pottery. His picked his favorite animal- a dinosaur and painted him his favorite color - orange

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John Thomas and I love America Ninja Warrior so every time we go to the playground he makes an obstacle course, another athlete in the making:)


Maxwell’s two month check up, big brother making sure everything is ok

13lbs (78%)   23 1/2inches (75%)

001 002 003

My big healthy boy

012 020 021

A typical morning at our house:)


023 038 070 I absolutely love this face so much! So thankful for my two boys!!

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