Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weekend Run and Advocare

This past weekend I ran 24 miles!
10 on Saturday and 14 on Sunday. Tommy was out of town Saturday and it was cold and raining. Since I did not want child services called on me I ran on the treadmill instead of putting JT in the jogging stroller.  Last 10 mile run on the treadmill was a disaster! so I asked my sister and a friend to pray for me a good run and it worked! Ran 10 miles easy :) Incline 1% Time 1:31
Tommy was home Sunday so I ran outside. It was a nice day and I had a good run.  Pace was around 9:20 miles. I'm really wanting to get my pace at 9 minute miles so I can break a 4 hour marathon. I did not use GU or have water on my run. Next long run I will and I believe it will keep me from hitting a wall around 10 miles. Hopefully improving my time. This week is a recovery week so my longest run is 10 miles. I'm excited!
I do use AdvoCare products before and after my runs and I love them! They help me with energy and recovery. For those of you who asked here is my link   advocare. I have had great success with them and so have many of my friends, family and clients.

Flying Pig Marathon!

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