Tuesday, February 28, 2012

John Thomas

John Thomas and I are finding a new Saturday routine.

 I go out for a long run with the Up and Running Group. 
 17 miles - 9minute pace. YAY!

Then after I relax, John Thomas naps we go to Barnes and Nobles.
 What a great find for me!!
First there is a Starbucks in Barnes and Nobles so I get coffee (Skinny Salted Carmel Mocha Latte- Amazing!) grab a couple books and head to the kids area. John Thomas loves playing with the trains and I enjoy my coffee and flip through books. It's like a little babysitter!
This amazes me - John Thomas automatically picks up train, car, etc and starts saying vroom, vroom. How does he know to do this?? I guess boys are born knowing how to do this. It is so cute.

Another good mom find for me-
At the grocery store.
 Kroger has little cars attached to the carts. John Thomas plays while I shop - when he gets bored I get some of the samples they are always passing out. My child can eat his body weight in hummus. 

John Thomas has not started walking yet and does not really seemed concerned to start. I will try to walk with him and he will for a little bit, decides that is enough sits and crawls away as fast as possible :)

What he does enjoy is climbing 
At play care at the gym. He also likes climbing to the top of the table as well.
If I leave him in the living room and walk into another room this is usually what I come back to find
Climbing on the fireplace.
And of course if we are in the kitchen this is where you usually will find him
All the tuberware has been thrown across my kitchen 
so he can fit his body in here to get the rest out for me.

Have a good week!

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