Friday, March 2, 2012


Earlier this week was IHOP national pancake day! I did not make a trip to IHOP but I did make pancakes for breakfast. Here are some recipes for good, healthy and filling pancakes! I love, love pancakes but usually I'm hungry an hour later and all these pancakes are high protein so they keep you full all morning! Yay!

PB Fingers - This girl has a lot of great recipes plus she is super cute and has a fun blog. The banana        protein pancakes are my favortie so far.

Tone It Up - Here again two super cute girls. They have lots of great workouts posted and inspirational stories.

Oxygen magazine - Great magazine for nutrition and workouts

Carrots "N" Cake  - I just found this blog and she has a lot of great info. I really like these pancakes too

So now you can go enjoy some healthy, filling pancakes!

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