Sunday, March 11, 2012

Standing, Traveling and Hiding

Big news in our life, on leap day, John Thomas decided to stand on his own! He is SO proud of himself. He will stand with the biggest smile on his face looking around to make sure everyone is paying attention to what he is doing. It is so cute. I teach a group fitness class twice a week where probably 80% of the participants are teachers. We usually all get there 30minutes early to set up. They all crowd around JT and make him believe his is king of the world and I sit back and try to do as little as possible :)  He came in the first day ready to show off. He stood up by himself and looked around with the biggest smile on his face while probably15 women gathered around clapping for him. He could not have been happier! We joked that we are spoiling him and he is going to expect women to clap at his every move for the rest of his life :) But it is really cute and these women are great!!! I love teaching my classes and the people I get to meet because of what I do!

We broke curfew and went to a couple of daddy's basketball games.

JT appreciates having his own seat. Such a big boy!

The handsome men in my life!

Tommy had some away games this past week and JT decided he wanted to go with daddy

In daddy's suitcase.

John Thomas also enjoys throwing things and likes nothing in his crib. As soon as he wakes you better go get him or this is what you find
 Both blankets have been thrown out of the crib, socks taken off thrown out
 and pants taken off thrown out.

JT is becoming very fast and likes getting into everything!! Which I know will only increase when he starts walking. I was in the kitchen and I heard JT screaming. I go in the living room, where I left him, did not see him anywhere. Then the slight panic starts to come over you, which I'm sure all moms can relate to. Check the stairs but babygate is up (Thank you God) go to the dining room can't find him, still here him screaming so I go back to the living room.....
Can you find JT
In the entertainment center!

This little guy keeps me on my toes. He is such a blessing!!! 
I have been meeting with a friend every week and we are reading Power of a Praying Parent. I highly recommend to all of you that have kids. I believe it is the most important thing we can do as parents, to pray for our children life. And what a better feeling to know that your not in charge and God is! Takes a lot of pressure off of being a parent :)

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