Saturday, March 31, 2012


Last weekend my husband left on Thursday for a long weekend in Minneapolis to visit his son and family. The day before I had taken John Thomas to the dr. and they said he had croup. Tommy leaves Thursday morning and by 11am JT fever was 101.  This is when it is REALLY hard not having family anywhere close to you! My child was so sick, husband out of town and no family. Two morning in a row of making your first cup of coffee at 4:15am makes for a very long weekend. We were at the dr's Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Monday and Friday. After running several test on JT (rsv, flu, blood work and chest xrays) he seemed to just have a really bad virus, keeping his temperature around 103 all weekend, and an ear infection. Poor JT lost almost 2lbs over from Wednesday to Monday. It was so sad seeing him so pitiful!
 How I spent the weekend. My sick baby sleeping on me.

Breathing treatments :(

Thankfully he is back to himself and I survived too!
He LOVED these little rides..... as long as they were off! haha 
We put money in them and they started moving, he cried and wanted off. I am sure one day they will be more fun moving, I will just save my quarters until then :)


  1. Poor little guy! Sick little babies are the saddest thing! Glad you survived, Momma! :)

  2. Oh my! Two pounds! That is a lot for a baby/toddler. And sick little ones wear you out! I am glad y'all survived!!!

  3. poor baby! so glad he is feeling better, and you too! i wish i was closer!