Wednesday, March 14, 2012


 I had a cut back week so my long run was a half marathon. It was cold and there were snow flurries but I had a good run! It was by myself. My pace was 8:54. If I can keep that for a full I would break 4 hours. Keep training and praying :)

Longest run so far. 19 miles at 8:45 pace!
It was a nice day and I ran with the Up and Running Group again. I felt good the entire run. I really believe fueling during you run is the key! I love GU. I follwed up the 19 mile run with 9 the next day. It was tough! Pace was much slower - 9:08. This weekend I have 10 mile and 20 mile run. 
Wish me luck!

I haven't lost any weight like I was hoping but my clothes still fit good so lets hope it's muscle :) My last (and only) marathon I gained 5 lbs during training so I'm really trying not to let that happen again. It's easy to think you can eat whatever since you just ran for almost Three Hours!!!

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