Sunday, March 18, 2012

Injury and new finds

So I have my first injury during marathon training - a shin splint. I have not ran since Wednesday and now it is Sunday and I am going crazy! I should have ran 10 yesterday and 20 today. Instead I am spending an hour and a half on the elliptical (each day) and massaging and RICE. (rest, ice, compression and elevation) Next week was suppose to be a slow week so hopefully I will be better next week and can just flip flop my weeks. I am praying for this to heal, quickly! :) I know rest is what my body needs but it is so hard to listen sometimes. I were these amazing compression sleeves around the house ALL the time. My husband loves how good I look in them ;) If you are doing any kind of long distance training these have helped my recovery so much!

New Finds

I tried a new recipe 

The recipes calls for vanilla protein powder but I did not have any so mine are chocolate - chocolate is always better anyway, right? I tried one right when they came out the oven - just ok. Next morning - much better! I have learned protein powder cooked is not good hot out of the oven like other food. 

Dashing Dish is a great website! She has lots of great recipes, workouts and devotionals! Read her
 my story, I found it very motivational!

I have just started listening to podcast. I don't know why I never have before! They keep my interest the whole time I am working out, on long runs (or the elliptical) I can get tired of music so these have been great for me. There are so many free ones on ITunes. Find something you are interested and they probably have a podcast about it! I have been listening to Jillian Michaels.

It is warming up here in Ohio! YAY!
 So we got to go shopping for John Thomas new clothes!!

Modeling a couple of new outfits
How cute are those little Nikes?!

My Handsome Boy! 
I'm in love :)

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