Monday, August 12, 2013

Granna and JT

My husband travels most of July so my Mom came to visit/help me the last week of July. If you live close to family do not take it for granted!!! It makes life so much easier when you have a little help. John Thomas loved having his Granna her to play with him and of course she came with lots of presents for him :)

The first day we picked my mom up from the airport we took John Thomas to the Cincinnati Aquarium. He loved looking at all the fish.

We had a great week, good meals, farmers market, lots of play time outside, JT went swimming with Granna and watched Finding Nemo for the first time. Mommy had some free time to relax, shop and go out with friends. Perfect week for everyone!! 

Fun with Granna

JT was excited about going to the airport but so sad when he realized Granna was leaving

Cute little boy

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