Saturday, November 9, 2013


Halloween was fun this year mostly because it was the first year John Thomas really knew what was going on and he was excited. He picked out his costume for the first time, had his face painted and went trick or treating. Unfortunately it stormed Halloween night and the city did not move the day:( I was able to take John Thomas early when it was sprinkling and windy but Tommy wanted to take him also. By the time Tommy got home from work it was raining hard. My sweet husband grabbed a large umbrella and braved the rain with 30mph winds. The weather did not bother JT at all! Tommy was just going to take him to a couple houses but after every house JT would say “One More”  He got several one mores :)

His school had a trunk or treat the weekend before Halloween which prepared him for Halloween night. In the beginning he was shy and wouldn't say anything but by the time we got to the last car he wanted to do it again. He did great Halloween night, knocking on the door and would say trick or treating at every house. It was so cute! Tommy and I were talking last night about how JT makes everything so much more fun. I’m really looking forward to Christmas this year!

We also participated in the ghost and goblins 5k. It was a lot of fun! So many people were dressed up and John Thomas loved seeing all the costumes. It kept him entertained the whole race! He keeps asking to do ghost and goblins race again.

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Trunk or treat at his school and first face painting.2013-10-26 16.29.08 2013-10-26 16.29.42 2013-10-26 16.32.03

Tommy and I wanted to carve pumpkins because we thought JT would enjoy it. Not the case, he colored on the pumpkins then played with his Lego's while Tommy and I carved pumpkins.2013-10-30 19.48.39 - Copy 2013-10-30 19.48.43 2013-10-30 20.04.53 2013-10-30 20.05.57Halloween day. He wore his costume to the gym then we went trick or treating

2013-10-31 16.24.15 2013-10-31 16.24.20 2013-10-31 18.45.49 2013-10-31 18.46.01

Fun memories, looking forward to many more!

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