Friday, October 11, 2013

A few of my favorite things

I know I will forget a lot of the little stuff John Thomas does so I want to write it down so I can always look back and smile. He has such a little personality that I love. I think he has a lot of my personality. He is a social butterfly, laid back, determined, a helper and a happy person. Tommy would also say he can have mood swings like me, I don’t think that is meant to be compliment to either of us.

He loves to sing. His favorite songs are Be Our Guest (from Beauty and the Beast), Ittsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus and Jesus loves me. He is also learning Old McDonald right now too. He will start singing as loud as he can and does not like anyone to sing with him.

He is very good about saying his prayers. He always wants me to go first, then his turn, then my turn, then his turn, etc until I finally say enough. He puts his hands together and closes his eyes as tight as possible. Its really cute. He will thank God for everything from his friend Cole (and Cole’s mommy Jackie) to dinosaurs, dragons, alligators, Ipad, Daddy, Kennedy, witch Mommy (my neighbors have a witch in their front yard for Halloween) etc.

He loves to do anything active and with his friends. His favorite game is Got You(chase) We always say I going to get you so he calls it got you. Tommy will play hide and seek with him. Tommy will tell JT to go hide and will count then say JT where are you so JT will come running saying “here I am Daddy” It’s really funny but I tell Tommy he is not fair so I always help JT when it’s his turn. He loves going to the park and bounce houses too.

He is loving school and doing so well. When I drop him off he says Bye Mommy, gives me a hug and kiss and starts playing. I am so thankful he is enjoying it and adjusting well. When I pick him up from school I always ask what he did and the only things he will tell me is ate snacks and played in the big room (where they play games and run around). Recently when I pick him up he tells me he misses me. Melts my heart! Mommy I miss you while I’m at school. He has also started saying it when I pick him up from play care at the gym. I love it! When I pick him up from he always ask if Mommy is clean? and has to feel my shirt to see if it is wet (with sweat). He will not let me carry him if I am sweaty because he doesn’t want to get “all wet” as he says. This is ok at the gym but he also does it when I pick him up from school and church. They probably think I never shower!

John Thomas and I have made a couple trips to the pumpkin patch. He has so much fun! When Tommy came home home after our recent trip John Thomas told Daddy he misses him while he’s at work and wants him to go with him to the pumpkin patch. Made Tommy’s day! John Thomas will not only get a third trip to the pumpkin patch I bet he gets whatever he wants from there as well:)

He is such a happy, good child and I could not be more thankful to be his mom!


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2013-10-07 17.14.25


He loves a good picture of himself, I found 84 of these pics on my phone this morning

2013-10-08 08.07.42

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