Friday, May 30, 2014

Getting Ready


We are counting down the final few days as a family of three.  I absolutely can not wait to meet this new guy that has been growing inside me! At the same time I am a little sad it will not be just JT and I anymore. He is my little buddy, we are together all the time and it works so well. My biggest concern is him adjusting well to having a baby at home and sharing me. Tommy believes that will be tough on him. I’m hoping with my family here and everything we have planned for him, he will stay busy until I become settled in my new role as a mom of two. I can’t wait!! So thankful the Lord has provided a healthy pregnancy and praying for a healthy baby (and safe delivery)

This pregnancy has been tougher than my with Jon Thomas. Starting with the fertility dr.,going on clomid, getting blood work twice week for the first three weeks, drs appointment every week from week 7-13, shots in my stomach twice a day starting the day I found out I was pregnant, progesterone, iron pills, starting at week 30 twice a week non stress test. Thankfully everything has gone well and we have never received one negative report from a drs appointment.  Now just a couple more days and we will meet the newest member of our family!

Tommy was off work the whole Memorial Day weekend and it was so nice to have him home!! Friday we celebrated our 5 year anniversary with a very nice dinner in Cincinnati



Saturday I got a new car! something bigger for our growing family :)

My new Highlander, I love it!


Saying goodbye to my old car, I really loved it too!


Sunday was John Thomas’ day and he wanted to go to the zoo. After church we drove to Cincinnati zoo.  He loved it!

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JT requested to have this picture made, he is saying cheese072 075 076 078 079

Monday we were able to relax and prepare for baby. We finished the day grilling and going out for ice cream. Successful day!

Another “cheese” face :)

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  1. Congratulations Lisa! I'm so glad everything has worked out and you now have your precious baby delivered and home with you. I've been praying for you on this journey. I know the ups & downs and emotions all too well! So happy for you and your family!! And you will continue to be in my prayers!! All the best, Emma