Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Maxwell David Ostrom


This little man is one month old today. I am so grateful God blessed Tommy and I with a healthy beautiful boy.


I checked in the hospital Saturday around 6pm to be induced Sunday morning. Because of my history and being on blood thinners my dr recommended being induced and I was completely on board. Being pregnant one less week, knowing when it would happen, my family being able to make plans all seemed great to me! The toughest part about being in the hospital was being away from John Thomas. I have only been away from him three nights his whole life so it was tough on both of us. My sisters and mom brought him to the hospital that night and he basically ignored me until it was time go. When he realized I was not taking him home he had a breakdown. He started crying begging me to come home, it broke my heart!! I started crying too. A nurse who was walking down the hall came in to make sure I was ok because she heard the screaming and crying. So sad. Thankfully my nurse came in and ask JT if he wanted to go get a popsicle and he managed to pull himself together ;)

After a night of little to no sleep it was baby day!!

John Thomas warmed up to me being in a hospital more when I let him crawl in the bad and showed him all the buttons he could push for the TV and move my bed.


Pitocin was started around 7am and we started the waiting game. I didn’t progress much at all until Dr Imbody broke my water around 5:30pm. The contractions started coming faster and more intense,  By 7pm they were awful!! and I got an epidural. I had two epidurals with John Thomas and neither one worked, I prayed they would this time! and it did. Labor with an epidural versus without is night and day difference. I could still feel the contractions on my left side but not bad. In my opinion the epidural made child birthing  SO much better! I could actually enjoy it (as much as you can) I don’t remember what time I started pushing but I don’t think I pushed longer than 30minutes. My husband and my sisters were all in the room when Maxwell David Ostrom made his entry at 11:55pm on June 1st . He was 7lbs 6ounces and 21 inches long and completely healthy. I am so blessed! John Thomas, my mom, dad, step mom and nephew were all in the waiting room to meet him. They were troopers! Especially JT and Gavin


At this point Maxwell was still baby boy, we could not agree on a name until his second day of life. Honestly it came down to a coin flip, best out of 7! 017

John Thomas is a big brother!!

025 030 032 034 037 039 042 076


 Little brother threw the first punch :)080 090 092 095 

I am so thankful to be the mom of two boys and can’t wait to see what God has in store for both of them.


All the pictures are off my iphone, I hope to actually download the ones taken with the camera soon:)

Taken the day I went in the hospital

001 003

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