Friday, April 27, 2012


JT celebrated his 15month old birthday by painting his first picture

He was in the gym childcare and Mrs. Rhonda told me the older kids were painting and JT was so involved watching them she let him try. Every time she helped him put the brush in the paint he would start laughing. Then he took over and got his own piece of paper. I was trying to sneak in and get a picture without him seeing me because I knew as soon as he saw me he would stop what he was doing and come to me as fast as he could. Wrong! He looked up, saw me and went back to work :)

Pure talent ;)

Just another reminder he's not a baby anymore. I miss my little baby but it is amazing to watch him grow, discover the world around him and his personality grow.

He also is using a spoon to feed himself.

Eating cottage cheese.

And I believe this is a personality trait from Dad. He has to put everything up. If some of Kennedy's dog food gets out of her bowl he will pick up piece by piece crawl as fast as he can around the table to drop it in the ac vent. He also loves putting everything in the garbage, toilet, entertainment center, dog bowl, you name it. Is this normal? I believe it is the beginning signs of my husbands OCDness in my child? Yesterday while I was getting ready he was in the closet and I walk in to find him busy putting all my shoes in my laundry basket
He likes to stay busy :)


  1. Perhaps it is genetic...Charlie HAS to put stuff in his vent in his room. First we had to screw it down b/c he kept taking it out and I was afraid he's break his ankle in it, THEN we had to rig up a filter to catch all the stuff he was dropping in there. I asked him why he keeps doing it and he shrugs his shoulders, puts his hands out and says "I HAVE to Mama! I HAVE to!" :)