Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It’s a ……….



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This post is behind since we found out about a month ago we were having a boy but I was going to see my family a couple weekends ago and tell them in person so we weren’t telling anyone. Unfortunately, after waiting at the airport for a couple hours my flight was cancelled and they were not able to get me out until the next day (Saturday) around noon and my flight back was Sunday at 10am so I missed my girls weekend (and first time leaving flying/leaving JT) I was so sad. Anyway I told them over the phone.

My Tuesday group fitness class dressed up to guess what I was having…

001 002

haha not many blue shirts :)

I am so excited about having boys, watching brothers grow up together, spend my weekends at the baseball field (or wherever they chose) We are blessed.

No doubt, it’s a boy! Spread eagle so it made it easy for us:)

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