Tuesday, February 4, 2014

JTs birthday party!

We had john Thomas’ birthday party at Kids are Tops. He took the Tumble Bunny class at Kids are Tops last year and loved it. The party was a huge success! He had 8 friends there that got to run around and be kids. This winter has been rally tough, weather wise, so i think all the parents loved an afternoon of the kids out of the house burning off energy too.

The only thing JT asked for – a dinosaur cake. We paid for the center to take care of everything but had to call and cancel the cake because anytime I would ask JT what he wanted for his birthday his only response was a dinosaur cake. This cake was amazing! I also believe it was the reason my dr mentioned my weight gain since my previous appointment ;) I ate it all week, so good!


Birthday Boy!


Play Time

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After the kids we played we moved to pizza, cake and ice cream

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Dinosaur cookies for all our friends

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Perfect birthday celebration for our 3 year old

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  1. I am sure those parents were so grateful to have some playtime to get the energy out. My students are going crazy with inside recess everyday. Hopefully this winter ends soon! I just finished shoveling this crazy ice/snow combo that we have today.