Monday, January 16, 2012

Sun and Snow

Last week started off so nice and sunny.... 
for a winter day in Ohio

My running buddies

The last time I ran with JT was in September, he did not weigh 23lbs in September. It was a nice wake up call from running on a treadmill to going outside pushing a jogging stroller. I hope there are more nice days so I can continue to run with him. 

 Then came the snow
JT looking at the snow. 
I have decided until he is old enough to ask to go outside and play in the snow we will both be happiest just looking at the snow. But then be guilt started coming over me and I opened the door and let him touch the snow. Good enough, right?

Anyway he's already been in the snow once.
JT 2weeks old
The week after JT was born we got 16inches of snow. 

Thanks to pinterest I now believe I am a photographer

and crafty!

If you are not on pinterest already I highly recommend it! You can find so many neat ideas!

Hope everyone has a great week!

One last picture

JT finding "rainbows"

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