Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Growing Boy

 John Thomas driving his first car :)
It is amazing how fast he is growing and changing.

 He loves drinking water out of a water bottle, cup or basically whatever I am drinking.

 Feeding Kennedy

They do not understand the concept of eating alone. When John Thomas is in his highchair Kennedy stays as close as she can. The only plus is it makes an easy clean up for me but half the time John Thomas would rather give his food to Kennedy than actually eat it. When John Thomas hears Kennedy eating he crawls as fast as his little body will go to her food bowl to make sure he "helps" feeding her by either handing it to her, throwing her food across the floor or putting it in her water bowl. I then get to clean up after they finish.


John Thomas has mastered climbing. He climbs on everything. He loves going up the stairs (I stay close behind) This morning he decided he wanted to see outside, so he did. He climbed on the suitcase and opened the blinds. 

I have been taking John Thomas to childcare (at the gym) for months now. Usually when I would go to get him Mrs. Rhonda would have JT on her hip just carrying him around with her. Yesterday I walk in to get him and I see Mrs Rhonda carrying around another baby while my baby is standing at the table with all the older kids watching them play their video games. He looked so big!!! What happened to my little baby?!?! It is unbelievable to me how fast he is growing!


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  1. Won't he be 1 VERY soon? Hayden will be 5-years-old on Monday. That baffles me. He will start Kindergarten in the Fall. Harper is almost 9-months-old. She is cruising and will probably be walking soon. It is crazy how fast they grow!