Monday, January 9, 2012

Day One

My new blog..... one of my New Years resolutions :)
I have decided to write a blog share pictures and stories of my sweet boy, John Thomas, brag on my husband, Tommy, and share my journey through training for a marathon along with helpful workout tips and recipes.

So I have decided to run the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon! I have mixed feelings about this marathon. All the reviews talk about how hilly the course is (Big Con) but my husband will be able to watch me run (Pro) My one and only previous marathon was a hilly course. The shirts said "what hills" so I was hoping to find a flatter course but oh well. Just train harder :) Week one long run will be 10miles on Saturday
Today is the first training day. Over the next 18 weeks I am hoping to eat mostly whole foods to help with fuel and recovery and drop around 5lbs to help increase my speed.
Biggest Challenge? Training for a marathon with a almost one year old baby. Living away from family and having a husband who works on average 7days a week and very long hours some runs maybe challenging. Not looking forward to clocking 10+ on a treadmill!
On another note I am very excited to be planning my little mans first birthday party! One year old! How has it already been a year?! John Thomas is definitely the highlight of my little life. How can one person change you so much?? We are having a puppy dog party. His favorite thing in the whole world is our sweet dog Kennedy. His favorite activity is crawling to her to pull her hair out......poor Kennedy and his favorite toy is her food and water bowl. So what better theme? I do wish our families could be here to celebrate but I will make sure to document well for everyone :)
My husbands basketball team won a huge game this weekend. We are 2-0 in conference play. Hopefully we will continue with our winning streak! Go Flyers!


  1. I LOVE you blog!! Sounds like I can look forward to a lot of good things from you. Mother, trainer, coaches wife, marathon runner! How do you do it all? LOL! I love ya and miss you! Glad you started this blog so i can keep up with you! :)

    PS. It looks GREAT! Letme know if I can help you with anything! :)

  2. I will read the blog and even comment! Your first child's birthday is a big one! Very exciting! I cannot fathom training for a marathon - especially not with a little one! Of course, I am not a runner. Good luck keeping up with the blog! A lot of people start one but then never end up keeping up with it. I think you can do it though.

  3. Thanks Nicole and Melissa! Recently I have become obsessed with reading blogs. I love all the stories and ideas from people everywhere!

  4. this is awesome, Lisa! JT is so handsome :) Miss you!