Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Helper

John Thomas is becoming Mommy's little helper. While I realize this is normal for JT's age I am still amazed!! I can ask him to go do something or find something and he actually does it! How does this happen?? He knows what I'm talking about. So cool!! He loves helping. When I unload the dishwasher he helps by putting up all the silverware and tuberware up. He loves opening the fridge to get his sippy cup out. The other day after I spent probably 30 minutes searching for his sippy cup I asked him where it was and he went to the living room, opened a drawer and handed me his cup. :) I can also tell him time to go and he goes to the door, time for bath and he climbs upstairs and walks right to the bath tub. I'm amazed! He really is a little person :)
Along with his growing personality he also capable of the "two year old temper tantrums" Which they are kind of interesting to watch. He gets so frustrated and doesn't know how to express himself so the only thing he knows to do is lay on the ground scream and throw all his limbs in opposite directions.
His vocabulary is expanding. Which is also an insight on what I must say a lot. My sister asked me if he says "no" and he doesn't which tells me I don't tell him no much. (Could be a problem?!) But he does say stop. If you tickle him as soon as he can breathe again he will say stop which is really cute. Other favorite words dada, momma, dee (for Kennedy, our dog) hi, pawpaw, lala (for Aunt Leigh Anne) JT, down, done (when he is finished eating) tank (for thank you) and constant baby talk. I think he is going to be a big talker with lots to say.
He also seems to have an outgoing personality. He walks through the gym waving at everyone. The manager says JT is the most popular at the gym :) I love it.
Other news Tommy is traveling a lot this month. It is tough still not having a strong support system or family here but we made it through week one pretty well. I've decided to take it week by week and pray each morning for strength and patience. Looking forward To August when Tommy will be home and my step son will be spending most of the month with us. YAY!

A few random pictures

John Thomas at the local splash park.
 We went with some friends and had a great time!

Just enjoying a little greek yogurt.

This look says "why are you taking my picture in the bath tub?!" :)

Being resourceful.
 He pulled out the rice cooker to climb on so he could reach
 the food he is not allowed to have.

Have a good week :)

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