Sunday, October 21, 2012

long time away

I hate that I have not updated my blog in such a long time! Of course I was busy (like everyone), enjoyed reading other blogs than actually updating mine and I have not been feeling well for the past month or so. Whenever I had free time or John Thomas napped I joined him or watched mindless t.v. Productivity has not been my strong point lately :)
We found out on September 9th that I AM PREGNANT!!! Yay! Baby #2 is due in May. We are really excited and so blessed! I prayed we would have an easy time getting pregnant because May is a slow month with my husbands job so he could help more around that time. God answered my prayers :)

Pregnancy is tough when you have a toddler!!! (and no family around to help) I have started taking medicine to help with the vomiting. I was vomiting so much John Thomas started running to the bathroom coughing and spitting in the toilet. I guess he thought that is what we did around our house now :) Love the toddler stage where they copy everything you do, I really think it is so cute. I ended up in the ER last week because I was so dehydrated, after 3.5 bags of fluid and 6 hours they let me go home. I am thankful I have a wonderful babysitter that dropped what she was doing and stayed with JT all day. A good friend also kept him for me on Saturday so I could recover. She is a lifesaver!! Since then I have been feeling much better (still not normal) but better. Hoping in a couple weeks I will be back to my old self. I am really looking forward to being able to give JT a sibling to share all those special memories with.

A few weeks ago John Thomas and I met my mom, sisters and nephews in Albuquerque for the Hot Air Balloon festival. Wow! It is huge! We had a great time. Loved spending time with my family. John Thomas copied everything his big cousin, Gavin, did and Seth, 5months old, reminded me what it was like having a baby around :) I treasure the memories. My family did not know I was pregnant so John Thomas wore his Big Brother shirt off the plane. My sister, Dianne, greeted us first and did not notice but Leigh Anne noticed right away. They were happy and shocked. (Leigh Anne said she's a little nervous for me, she is still getting use to juggling two kids.

Pictures from the past month to catch everyone up to speed...

Little man loves to play!

 and read!

Copying Mommy, Downward Dog

I finally turned his car seat around :)

Sweet JT grabbed my straightener while it was on :( Spent the morning at the dr

Fun day at the pumpkin patch

Working on his pull ups

Our favorite snack, popcorn!

Another pumpkin patch play date

What happens when Mommy has been sick all day

Washing his hair :)

BIG BROTHER!!! coming in May



  1. So, so, so excited for you!! CONGRATS!! and yay, for good friends that will take you kids! ha! :)

  2. CONGRATS! It's too funny. I have a January baby (boy) and a May baby (girl). Of course, mine are spaced out more than your two will be - but that's still funny (to me).

    Harper grabbed my straightener last week too. Fortunately it wasn't all that hot yet and she didn't get a good "grab" - but it still scared me and I have been super paranoid about it (which is probably a good/safe thing).

    Well, congrats again!!!