Friday, January 3, 2014


I do not know why I have not blogged about this pregnancy, yet. Probably out of fear, I don’t want to jinxed it. I’m scared. Tomorrow I will be 18 weeks pregnant! It was been a long road but i am so thankful of where I am.

I will start at the beginning so our baby will know how much he/she is wanted and loved.

Francis and our third baby both had chromosome testing done (number reason for miscarriage is abnormal chromosomes making the baby not fit for life. Both babies came back normal. My doctor then referred me to a fertility doctor to see if they could help us. No one wants to end up at a fertility dr but if you do,  they are amazing! At least mine is. They take such good care of you! And spend as much time as you want with you. My eyes were also opened to how many couples have to take this route. I feel very blessed because I already have one healthy baby and I know so many woman in there would love to be in my shoes. I also know I can get pregnant.

We started with a lot of blood work. (one time I had 37 tubes of blood drawn! – then taught a group fitness class, not smart) I had to get in drawn at different times of my cycle so the process took a couple months. I had a few levels come back  abnormal. But all were relativity easy fixes. Praise God!

We started with clomid. I pray I am never on this drug again!! When the dr was telling Tommy and I about it he said the number one side effect was mood swings. Ha! At least Tommy was there to hear it :) It took me two months to get pregnant on clomid. I think I spent a lot of that time crying, fussing with Tommy (over who knows what) having nightmares and eating constantly. Thank God I got pregnant the second month!!!

2013-10-02 09.35.45


Once I found out I was pregnant I had to give myself a shot. I will continue to give myself a shot twice a day until delivery. One of my blood levels came back high showing that my blood is likely to form blood clots. The drs believe my body slowly cut off the blood supply to Francis then when I became pregnant the third time my body realized what was happening faster and cut off the blood supply sooner. (Notice in the picture below I am only pretending to give myself a shot because Tommy said he couldn’t actually watch me do it:) We also decided we would be awful drug addicts, we both hate shots!2013-10-02 09.48.48

The fertility drs do an excellent job on monitoring you!! I had blood work done every few days between week 4-7. At week 7 the baby was big enough to see on an ultra sound so I started getting ultra sounds week 7 –13. It is so amazing to watch your baby develop!! Week 10 was the biggest week for me. We went from seeing a round circle with a heart beat to arms, legs, head, everything. It was so amazing. The next three ultra sounds the baby was moving, arms waving, legs kicking. Honestly, amazing!! I was also put on progesterone for the first trimester mostly as a safety precaution.  At the end of the first trimester you “graduate” (with a diploma and baby present) from the fertility dr. I was thankful and disappointed at the same time. I loved it there. I loved weekly ultra sounds! I am now waiting for the 20 week ultra sound.

I have been to my regular obgyn once and will go again on Monday. The baby’s heartbeat sounded great last time. I am praying I will have a good appointment Monday.  Honestly, I am so nervous every time I go to the dr. Even at the fertility dr I braced myself multiple times for the dr to tell me there was not a heartbeat. I even cried to Tommy before one appointment telling him I thought I had a miscarriage. I am trying to stay positive and trust in God’s plan for my life. I do feel better since I have made it past the first trimester and week 16 (when I lost Francis)

Hebrews 12:1 And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us


Pregnancy pics so far

Week 4 vs. Week 8

2013-10-31 10.14.50

Week 8 vs. Week 112013-11-12 13.15.04


Week 15

2013-12-04 08.01.24 

since I will be 18 weeks tomorrow we will call the Week 18

2014-01-03 15.39.19

I forgot to mention I’m not really allowed to work out. I have to keep my heart rate under 120. It wasn’t tough in the first trimester because I did not feel good and honestly didn’t care about working out. Now that I am feeling good again, I miss it! It is a big change for me. But if it’s what I need to do, I will definitly follow the guidelines. I will have plenty of time to workout after the baby is born (that maybe an exaggeration but I will make time!)

Praying for a healthy full term baby!!!