Saturday, October 3, 2015

Summer Wrap Up

Since it's officially fall and 48degrees here today (UGH!!) I should do a wrap up post about our summer. We had a wonderful summer with two growing, BUSY boys. We filled the summer with lots of pool time, playground, trampoline and fun:) John Thomas swimming improved so much as the summer went on! Maxwell started the summer loving his float and finished the summer wanting nothing to do with it;)

Maxwell is started walking at 15 months, same as John Thomas. He turned 16 months a couple days ago and is now basically running everywhere now. He does not like to stay still, ever. My only hope is when he gets hungry and eats or when he is asleep. At 14 months he went down to one nap a day, its anywhere from an hour to (occasionally) two hours. The two hour naps are amazing! I actually am able to eat lunch in peace and do a few things. He can say momma, dada, bubba, dog and milk. He loves waving and blowing kisses. He is such a sweet boy. The best thing in the world is watching John Thomas and Maxwell together. John Thomas is an amazing big brother and Maxwell adores him.
John Thomas started back to school. He goes to First School three mornings a week and Tuesday school once a week. He also does lunch bunch at school twice a week. He loves it all! Tuesday school is at a local church and it is an great program! Every week is a different letter (and number) and a bible story to go with the letter. They have puppets and/or people dressed up to do the bible story and he will come home and tell me the story with so many details. I love that he is learning and retaining the bible stories so well.

Youngs Dairy Farm

He loves fishing!

First time making rice crispy treats

Touch a Truck

As soon as Maxwell is finished eating he throws his tray and food to let you know he is ready to get out of his highchair. Speaking of highchair he decided about a week ago he no longer likes sitting in it and fights you to make him sit in it. Put him in a regular chair at the table he completely happy.

 John Thomas being a fire fighter

 John Thomas loves bounce houses!! 
And Maxwell can not wait to be big enough to go with him!

Sweet brotherly love 

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