Monday, December 17, 2012

My Angel

We have had an outpouring of love from family and friends. I have been reminded of how many people love and support us. Our house has been flooded with food, flowers and gifts. I have received so many cards, phone calls and text that have been so meaningful to me.
One day I ate lunch standing up because I was tired of trying to find an open spot at the table or counter top from all of the flowers. Fresh flowers filled our rooms and kitchen. Our fridge and freezer are both full of food that people have brought over. This is really a treat for my husband because I'm not big on cooking :) I even started freezing cookies because we had more sweets than should be allowed in one house (and because one day I ate 7 cookies!) especially for someone who has baby weight to loose.


We have also received so many thoughtful gifts with special meanings behind them.
 We got a glass angel Christmas ornament in honor of Francis.
 Every year when we decorate our tree we can celebrate our sweet baby.
(I decided not to put up a tree this year.
I began decorating our house the day before my miscarriage and decided I didn't want to continue)

A Heart

I love the saying on it!!

And my husband gave me a beautiful diamond cross necklace

My parents and sisters have also ordered Tommy and I jewelry in memory of Francis that I will share once it comes in.

Poems and music have also helped me during this time. I have been very angry, but I am healing and trying to focus on the good. My baby never had to suffer through this world. I also feel honored that God choose me to give my grandparents a great grand baby, in heaven. I know my baby is so loved in heaven. I look forward to the day my family can be whole again.

I love these poems and quotes.
They help put into words my emotions of the past three weeks.


  1. I'm thinking of you, Lisa. I'm so happy to see the suppport you have from so many people.

  2. Lisa, I love you and am still praying for you. You are such a wonderful mommy and I am proud of you for how you are walking through this valley. Hang in there and let me know what I can specifically pray for.