Monday, January 7, 2013

John Thomas lately

* I wrote this before Christmas but forgot to publish it

Through everything that has been happening the past two weeks John Thomas has been great. He had his Granna here to play one week and PawPaw the next. All kind of new toys cover my living room, which makes me happy.

Finger Painting

At Woodland Lights

JT and Daddy

JT did not like Santa

He still likes hanging out in the entertainment center

A little fun with JT's window crayons

Go Flyers!

Watching Mickey Mouse in our Mickey Mouse pj's

John Thomas decided to strip down to dance with Mickey. Cute little hiney!!

Sweet sleeping baby

Ball Pit from Granna

Showing off his new Mickey pj's (he loves mickey!!) I asked him to show me his new pj's and he turns around in circles making himself dizzy. Then he says "whoa" and falls to the ground. so funny!

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  1. Oh, he's so adorable and I'm glad he's been f=good for you lately! :) Love you! :)