Wednesday, January 30, 2013

John Thomas is TWO!!

My little man turned 2! I am loving watching him grow. It is so much fun watching his personality develop. He is talking more, saying two syllable words and put two words together. Since John Thomas has started talking he has called Kennedy, our dog, Dee now he is beginning to call her Kennedy. As cute as it is to her him say Kennedy it makes me a little sad he does not use just Dee anymore. I am so thankful he is a healthy, active and happy boy. Loves in his life right now are the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (anything Mickey), Bubble Guppies (a cartoon), Toy Story (Buzz and Woody), playing trains, painting and in typical boy fashion he loves to be chased and being thrown on the bed. As soon as he is thrown on the bed he laughs sits up and says again. He loves to play and run. I am so thankful that God is allowing Tommy and I to raise John Thomas and enjoy his journey.

Watching Mickey, wearing Mickey pj's

John Thomas is 2!

1day new, 1 year old and 2 years old

Playing with one of my favorite toys from Aunt Mandy

Reading a Mickey book, in Mickey pj's :)

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