Saturday, April 13, 2013

My 2 year old

I absolutely love this age! I love hearing John Thomas talk and seeing what words he picks up on. He is putting two to three words together which is really cute. He is great about saying Thank you and Please. Another one is Stop Momma (I thought this would start in the teenage years, not 2!) I love watching his personality grow and watching him discover what he likes. He loves Mickey Mouse, trains, playing outside, coloring, going to the childcare at the gym and playing with Kennedy. I am so thankful I am able to stay home with him and also teach some classes at the gym. It seems like the perfect balance for both of us.

Healthy JT

Tumble Bunnies. JT loves this class!

Practicing handstand, like Mommy

Love the curly hair!!

John Thomas loves the playcare at the gym. He ask to go everyday!!

Yay for warmer weather!!!We love to play outside and go on walks

Daddy got John Thomas his first Final 4 shirt

Daddy swinging John Thomas, JT laughed and laughed!!

I feel like this winter was tough on me with loosing Francis. It was also my first "true" Ohio winter. It was so cold, snow covered the ground for almost three months and you don't see the sun much during the winter. But it is warming up and I'm looking forward to lots of warm weather, family walks, playtime and seeing what God has in store for my family :)

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